Ways To Ensure That Your U Line Ice Maker Is Clean
Everyone needs a little ice every now and again, especially if you are throwing a party. Ice is one of those little things everyone takes for granted in their drinks but when the ice is gone, it’s all you can think about. Homeowners can choose to have an ice maker built into their refrigerator doors or they can choose to purchase a home ice making machine that is plugged in and then allowed to make its magic. Because there are differences in an ice machine versus an ice maker, we’ll tell you a bit more about each one and how to better clean it so your ice comes out tasting it is best all the time.

Ice Makers

Some ice makers come installed on a refrigerator or freezer door or inside of the unit. To operate the ice maker, you simply hold down a cup underneath the designated area and normally press a button or a handle and the ready-made ice will come down inside your cup. After the ice is used, the ice maker will go ahead and begin making more ice so your ice maker is stocked and ready to go at all times.

Ice Machines

Homes that want to have ice available at all times will want to invest in an ice machine. This residential size will work just like what you see in restaurants but in a much smaller capacity.

How to care for your ice maker?

If you have an ice maker installed in your refrigerator/freezer combo, you may not know exactly how to best clean it. All ice makers get a little dirty once in a while so it’s important that they are kept clean at all times. In order to clean this type of ice maker, you will need to have the bin completely empties and wipe it down with soap and water and then rinse thoroughly. It’s best to do this every three to four months. If the ice begins to have a strange odor, then you may need to look in the refrigerator and determine if the water filter needs changed. It could be giving the ice odors and if so, it is easily remedied by a filter change.

How to care for your home U-Line ice machine?

If you have an ice machine at home, cleaning it takes a little more effort than those that are attached to the refrigerator/ freezer unit. It is always a good idea to check the manual before you begin cleaning it just to ensure that you are following the necessary steps to clean this unit. If you don’t have the instructions, here is what you need to do: Step 1: Unplug the unit. You don’t want to clean your ice machine while it is still plugged into a power source Step 2: Empty all the ice from the ice bin. After the ice is empty, wash the bin using warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly. Step 3: Turn the water off that runs to the ice machine. Once the water is off, you will then need to take the drain cap off and allow the water to drip down into the pan drain and into an empty container. Then put the drain cap back on. Fill up the water pan with a bottle of ice machine cleaner (16 oz.) and a bottle of water (32 oz.) Step 4: Place the ice bin back into place, plug up the ice maker, and allow it to run through a cleaning cycle. Step 5: Dump all the ice that has formed into the sink – don’t use this ice. Refill it with water that is clean and allow it to run another full cycle. Step 6: Again, dump the ice and reattach a water supply. Your ice machine is now completely clean and ready to enjoy. Contact us:

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