Recently, washing machines with dryers are being produced more and more often. This is not surprising, because often the conditions, both weather, and space themselves “prompt” – the choice of a washing machine with a dryer is obvious. When it is chilly outside, raining, or snowing for days on end, drying laundry is almost impossible. We have to invent dryers in the kitchen, and bathroom, hang up all the radiators with laundry … And the things can soak up unwanted odors.   Moreover, paradoxically, the washer-dryer can save money. Let’s consider the pros and cons based on reviews for a washer-dryer with a dryer.   A washer-dryer with a dryer does not allow you to save money   The consumer is right to complain about the increased energy consumption of a washer with a dryer function. While a conventional washer has only one heating element, a washer with a dryer has two. The second is designed to heat the air, which then passes through the tank with the wet laundry.   Given that the air heating element takes much longer to heat the air than it does to heat the water, the washer and dryer significantly increase energy consumption. That’s the downside. But you have to admit that many manufacturers already produce washing machines with A++ class dryers. There are even A+++, but they are few in number.   But let’s look at it from the other side. For example, families who have children can reduce the number of autumn and winter clothes by half or two times. Why is that you ask? Parents are well aware that as soon as the child leaves the door, things go in the wash. When things in inclement weather, are dried for three days, you need to have a solid closet of tights, sweaters, and pants.   When things are washed and dried in two to three hours and ready to use, this changes things dramatically. You’ll need far fewer changeable items.   Washing machines with dryers do not allow you to load a lot of laundries   In general, the statement is true, you can dry twice as much laundry in a washing machine with a dryer than in the same washing machine. But today many manufacturers offer more convenient options. For example, the model Candy with drying function has a loading capacity for washing 7 kilograms, while at the same time drying it is possible to 4 kilograms of laundry.   Also on the market, there is a washing machine LG with a load for washing 10.5 pounds in which you can dry 7 kilograms. This practically eliminates the inconvenience of a small load and such a product can be fully called “two-in-one”.   The washing machine with dryer should stand in the open space   Many will exclaim – yes, of course, because the humid heat air needs somewhere to go, and the dryer can not be built into the furniture. It can’t. Nothing prevents ovens from being built-in, although they often have two heaters running at once. In addition, there is a large supply of narrow washers with dryers on the market, which makes them easier to install in the “line.”   Things crumble after drying in the washing machine   This is not true. Of course, things can get wrinkled if you forget to take them out after the drying process. But in general, modern washer-dryers are very careful with the drying process. In addition, given that the clothes for drying are loaded twice less than for washing, they are freely laid out in the drum, which prevents jamming.   Also in modern washing machines with dryers, there is a special function for steaming the laundry. The process involves freshening the items with steam, which is an additional safeguard against laundry jamming.   Washing machines with a dryer are not narrow   That’s not true today. Most advanced manufacturers of household appliances offer washing machines with a dryer depth of 44-55 cm. Thus, the myth of a non-existent narrow washing machine with a dryer is debunked.   Summarizing all the above advantages and disadvantages, it can be noted that in recent times, demand dictates supply. There is a need for a compact washing machine with a dryer, which can wash, but at the same time dry a large amount of laundry. Manufacturers are responding to the demand, thereby saving space, time, and money for the consumer.   Repair of washing machines with the departure of the master at home can be ordered on our site.  Now is the time to call for professional household appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair is here to provide expert and knowledgeable appliance repair services to keep your refrigerator running like new.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]