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The washing machine tank is an important part of it, without which the operation of the device is impossible. It is a kind of container in which the drum of the washing machine is placed. This part has a heavy load during the operation of the washing machine, temperature changes, exposure to chemicals, and vibration during the washing process. It is for this reason that the part must be of high quality and reliable. Do not confuse the tank with the drum, these are different parts, although they are interconnected. Although there are models of washing machines in which the tank with the drum is assembled.   WHAT MATERIAL THE TANKS ARE MADE OF Tanks of washing machines are divided into several types, respectively, the material from which they are made. Among the most common materials used for the manufacture of the tank are the following materials:  
  1. Stainless steel tank
This tank is durable and wear-resistant, it is considered the most resistant to water.  
  1. Tank made of plastic
In second place is the washing machine tank made of plastic. Plastic tanks for washing machines have one big drawback, which is their fragility. The part can be damaged during transportation of the washing machine, or when foreign objects get between the parts of the tank.  
  1. Tank made of composite materials
To sell household appliances at an affordable price for the user, manufacturers began to produce tanks made of composite plastic materials: polynox, carbotech, fibran, and others. The machine with such a tank works with a low noise level. The low thermal conductivity of composites contributes to the rapid heating of water and retains heat, which in terms of energy consumption is more economical. But compared to stainless steel, many composite polymer materials are fragile and require careful transportation and operation.  
  1. Enameled metal tank
The most durable of all tanks. Metal provides reliability, and enamel protects against corrosion. The weight of such washing machines with such a tank is very large. The tank is durable, and not subject to splits during transportation and temperature changes, unlike plastic elements.   If the washing machine is used for a long time, chips may appear from the impact of foreign objects on the drum. When damage occurs, the enamel ceases to perform its protective function, it begins to crumble, rust and collapse. The tank itself as a result of corrosion is damaged and begins to leak. If something like this happens, it is better to change the washing machine to a new one.   CAUSES OF FAILURE OF THE WASHING MACHINE TANK The washing machine tank can fail for several reasons:   – improper operation; – you use your washing machine for a long time; – foreign objects getting between the tank parts; – improper transportation of the washing machine; – overloading the washing machine; – incorrect installation of the washing machine;   Manufacturing defect.   WHAT PARTS OF THE TANK BREAK   The washing tank of any washing machine is its heart. After all, in the tank, there is a washing drum, in which the washing process actually takes place. In addition to the drum, there are other moving parts that are responsible for the quality of the washing machine. Many users have the mistaken belief that this part does not break, but it is not so. It can break into the washing tank:   Bearing assembly. The bearings themselves, as a part, do not cost a lot of money, but to replace them, you need to make a lot of effort. The work is painstaking. there are risks of damaging other important parts. so do not do the replacement yourself.   The shaft of the washing machine. This part will be damaged if the bearing unit is not replaced on time or at all.   The walls of the tank. This part most often fails when it is exposed to centrifugal force from contact with the drum. This happens when there are problems in the operation of the bearing unit or broken shock absorbers. The worst result of damaged walls is the depressurization of the tank.   Drain hole of the tank. Many will say how the drain hole can break. Also, the hole does not break, but the drain valve that is installed on it may clog over time and the machine will not work properly. so you need to monitor this and periodically clean the drain hole.   If you notice that the washing machine tank is damaged, then do not waste time and call the masters. An appliance repair service in San Diego County works 24/7 and is always ready to help. Our masters will cope with any damage.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]