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If you have a washer and it has just broken down on you – don’t panic! I-Fix Appliance Repair are here to help! Our main goal is to get your washing machine back up and running, so your clothes and other dirty laundry don’t continue to pile up. Our repair technicians are trained for a variety of machine types including top loading and front facing washing machines. Besides, washer’s age is not a concern for us either – we are trained and prepared for anything!

If One of These Problems Occur With Your Washing Machine, You Should Call a Professional:

Washer Repair

All Brands Washing Machine Repair

  • The water won’t drain or it leaks
  • Your machine stops spinning
  • The cycle does not complete
  • The cycle is interrupted part way
  • The machine simply does not work at all
If you see any of these things or worried there might be something else wrong, just give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible. Lucky for you, we provide  services.