washing machine lock door
Replacing the lock in the washing machine is a service from San Diego Appliance Repair Company. Our licensed masters will professionally provide any repairs using original spare parts and offering warranty for repairs as well as the most reasonable prices in San Diego. The washing machine lock is a device that ensures the safe operation of the appliance. It serves to prevent the door from opening during operation. The mechanism, blocking the door, prevents water leakage after it is set. If, for some reason, the mechanism stops working, the machine will not start washing. Owners of washing machines of any brand РSamsung, Bosch, LG, Whirlpool  may face a problem that the lock has stopped closing. Even the most famous units are not immune to this problem. The lock device consists of several parts:
  • a plate of iron, connected by a spring to the door handle;
  • semiconductor device, the electrical resistance of which changes depending on its temperature (thermistor);
  • bimetallic plate, changing in size depending on temperature;
  • contacts;
  • pin.washer lock door
Failure of any of the parts can lead to problems in the operation of the mechanism. Typically, the malfunction manifests itself in the following types:
  • After completing the washing process and draining the water, the lock does not open. To open the hatch, you will need to disassemble the body of the washing machine.
  • When the hatch is closed, a special click is heard, notifying the owner of the washer that the lock has been triggered. However, the door does not lock. The system does not receive a blocking signal and does not start the washing process.
  • The door is not locked, but the wash process has started. This option is the most dangerous for appliance. There is a risk of the collected fluid leaking out. Other parts can also be damaged due to contact with water.
There is a certain algorithm of actions:
  1. de-energize the machine and drain the water from the tank through the emergency drain;
  2. remove the steel ring that presses the rubber gasket to the unit ;
  3. bend the elastic so as to gain access to the lock mechanism;
  4.  dismantle the fastening bolts on the front panel (it is recommended to hold the lock with your hand during operation so that it does not fall through)
  5. remove the terminal providing power to the lock.
You can also try the metal lock bolt from the hatch hook, after removing the top panel of the device. Kindly note , that such work requires certain skills. In case, you notice any malfunctions in the operation of the washing machine door lock, do not hesitate to contact professional expert. San Diego Appliance Repair and Installation is a technical team of experts who will let you rest knowing all the works done by us are trustworthy. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]