washer stops mid cycle
It is quite common to encounter a problem when the machine stops completely at the beginning or in the middle of a cycle without having completed its full work. In this situation, the special counter (timer) of the washing machine is not able to complete the washing completely. It is worth saying that many owners of washing machines in this problem blame just this timer. However, the reasons why the machine stops in the middle of washing things, quite a lot. For example, such problems may arise for the following reasons: the thermostat is defective, the heating element is broken, etc.

Most Common Solutions Why Machine Stops Mid Cycle:

  • The weight of the laundry exceeds the norm;
Some models have a built-in smart sensor responsible for exceeding the permissible norms. What to do in this case is very clear – remove excess laundry and restart the machine.
  • An imbalance has occurred;
When washing small and large items, an abnormal situation may occur when the laundry collects in a single lump in one part of the drum. The unbalance sensor activates and a stop occurs. Not all users immediately understand the cause of failure of the equipment, however, when opening the loading hatch everything becomes clear: it is necessary to evenly distribute the washed items inside the drum and start the spin mode again. If the washing machine stops mid cycle while washing, and the above actions are not successful, then there are much more serious reasons. It will not be so easy to detect them – it will be necessary to contact San Diego Appliance Repair Company. If the machine does not perform the specified functions to the end, then the failure of the following parts and components could have occurred:  
  1. The electric motor has shorted out;
  2. The heating element or contacts of the supply wires have burned out;
  3. The drain pump filter or the drainage tube is clogged;
  4. The drain pump has malfunctioned;
  5. Electronic equipment or programmer failure;
  6. The loading hatch lock is broken.
  The user should understand what happened and which part is responsible for the failure of the technique, what to do in each case. Regarding further maintenance of household appliances without expert diagnostics should be forgotten, otherwise the repair can cost more than the original cost of the unit.   Of all home appliances problems, washer breakage is the worst one. If this happens to you, the first thing you have to do is to contact us, San Diego Washer Repair. There is no appliance repair service provider all over San Diego County, who can solve such problems better than we do. We guarantee high quality quick services at reasonable and affordable prices.   You always have a choice – call our highly-qualified and experienced technicians and get the work done quickly, effectively and with high quality; or call some other appliance repair service provider, get plagued by worry, get the work done somehow and, in the end, – call our technicians to get it done properly. Don’t waste your time, don’t pay twice for the same work. Make the right choice – call us, San Diego Appliance Repair, and we will come to your rescue. Whenever you call us, we will help you any time any day. We work 24/7. If you need emergency service, call us – we will be at your home in 15 minutes.   Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]