All modern refrigerators have a vacation mode. This function is responsible for the working condition of the appliance when it is not used for a long period of time, no food is stored in it, for example, when the owner leaves home. The function is convenient in that it consumes less energy, the temperature is kept relative to +15 degrees, and the technique continues to work. As a result, when the owner returns from a vacation or a trip, he/she gets a functioning unit. Using such a mode, the owners prevent the breakdown of the equipment.   Modern technology allows for some models to use 2 “vacation” modes. What it looks like:  
  1. The refrigerator and freezer are operating at the optimum temperature for “vacation” mode.
  2. The freezer is completely off and the refrigerator is active.

Which models have the holiday function

  Let’s consider in more detail the question of which refrigerators can use the “vacation” mode. Usually, these are modern models. Have one or two compressors that provide operation. They can be independent of each other. Other models may have one compressor with two independent temperature cooling circuits. These as well as other models are equipped with a “Holiday” mode.  

Technical features of “Holiday” mode

  When switching to “Holiday” mode, the refrigerator consumes less energy, while remaining on and continuing to operate. Maintains and preserves the temperature that the owner chooses, which prevents the formation of germs and odors inside; hygiene inside the chambers is maintained.  

How to use the vacation mode correctly

  To do this, you need to study the manual, which, along with the documents attached to the product when purchased. Each refrigerator is assigned a class, which indicates what ambient temperature ranges the manufacturer can maintain and what temperature can be constantly maintained inside the chamber. There are four types of classes:   – N – normal – ambient temperature +16 to +32; – SN – subnormal – +10 to +32; – ST – subtropical – ambient temperature +18 to +38; – T – tropical – ambient temperature from +18 to +43.   Domestic models are often assigned classes SN and ST.  

How to choose a refrigerator with the “vacation” mode

  Let’s first clarify that refrigerators with one or more compressors have this function. It can have two or more cooling lines. Such models have a double large design. Can be with a freezer, and without it.   It is necessary to find out in advance about the functionality and characteristics of the model, for example, via the Internet – you can read reviews there, check with a consultant in the store, or by reading the information next to the price tag.  

Models with the ability to turn off the freezer compartment

  You can’t turn off the freezer if your refrigerator has one compressor and one cooling line. If there are two compressors or one compressor, but with two cooling lines (independent of each other) the freezer can be turned off – this is the best and most convenient option if you are away for a long time. Because, firstly, it saves energy, and secondly, it improves the performance of the refrigerator and the condition of the chamber.   Some manufacturers offer two variants of the “Holiday” function: when the normal operation mode of the freezer is kept and when the freezer is completely turned off during “Holiday”. For the first case in the instruction there is a detailed description of the possibility to switch off the chamber, programs, recommendations, and which temperature should be set in the fridge itself depending on the class.  

If the model does not have the function of freezer compartment shutdown

  In models, where the freezer is not provided with the “Vacation” mode, it will be more difficult to select the working temperatures, so that the fridge and the freezer could work well. It is possible to set the same temperature for both, and it is possible to set different temperatures. In fact, it is not hard to do, you should read the manual carefully, where there are all the necessary guidelines and recommendations for such temperature settings for your model during your absence so that there will be no breakdowns and your refrigerator will continue to work well in the future.  


  The “vacation” function is quite easy to use, and is convenient in that: firstly, it allows you to keep the functionality of the refrigerator, and secondly, it allows you to use the appliance immediately after a long absence, just by switching to a different temperature.   It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]