freezer repair
Please note that this article deals with those problems that might affect a freezer that is connected to the cooling section of a refrigerator. Of course all freezers store frozen food. Consequently, an appliance repair in San Diego County could probably use some of this knowledge, while trying to identify the problem with an appliance that has only a single purpose, namely to store frozen food.

Suppose the freezer is not cold enough

If the freezer’s temperature goes up to a marked degree, then that same appliance cannot carry out its intended job. Whenever it seems that the appliance’s temperature is too high, someone should check its temperature settings. It also indicates that the appliance’s thermometer ought to be located and examined. Some freezers have a built in thermometer. If that is not one of the components in the too-warm freezer, then the homeowner ought to buy a suitable measuring instrument.

What if the freezer is too cold?

How does the freezer’s temperature compare with that of the refrigerator? Is the refrigerator warm but the section with the frozen food cold? That strange situation could signal a defect in the defrost heater. A test of the defrost system must be conducted, in order to confirm or refute that possibility. Still, there are other things that can cause a freezer’s temperature to dip too far. It might have a defective evaporator fan. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the damper control assembly. Information on both of those components should be found in the owner’s manual. Such information suggests what facts should be shared with any agency that will be sending a trained repair technician.

What if there is frost on the inside of the appliance’s coldest section?

This question refers to an excessive buildup of frost. The discovery of such frost should trigger a response from a trained troubleshooter. The troubleshooter should start making a series of suggestions. Check to see if the gasket has a tear or rip. Make sure the door has not been left open. Look at the freezer’s drain tube; has it become frozen?

Suppose there is bad tasting ice in the freezer’s ice maker

The discovery of such ice should introduce the need for answers to three questions. Is the water filter frozen or dirty? Has the ice been stored in the bin for too long? Did anyone check the water supply? Does the water contain any substances that could explain that unwanted taste? If there is a problem with the water supply, then a solution can probably be found. It may be necessary to change the filter more frequently.

What if there is freezer burn on the stored food?

Check to see how it has been packaged; were freezer bags used? Foods stored for an extended period of time require extra packaging. Full freezers are less apt to give evidence of that specific problem (freezer burn). Contact us:

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