Malfunction in microwave ovens is quite common among users of household appliances. And if such a problem has arisen, then you do not need to try to fix the problem yourself, but it is best to contact a service center to solve the problem in the microwave oven. Yes, you can try to solve some problems yourself, but for this, you need to know at least a little understanding of how electrical repairs are performed. And our article can help you with this. To understand how and what to repair, you must first understand what breakdowns are most common, what leads to them, and how to fix them. OBSERVE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WHEN USING Once again, we recall that if you notice errors in the operation of the microwave, then you can take it yourself to repair it only if you have an understanding of how to do it. If you have no idea in this area – do not risk it, call a specialist. After all, self-repair can cost many times more expensive. Also, do not forget that when using a microwave, you must adhere to simple but very important rules that are indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for the device. And we also give a couple of simple, but at the same time important rules that everyone should know about: 1. In no case do not use the microwave oven if the door does not close tightly. 2. If you yourself will diagnose the fault, it is worth doing it by disconnecting the device from the mains. 3. If you need to replace parts, use only high-quality spare parts for the microwave oven, and best of all the original ones if possible. 4. If there are problems with the operation of the blower, then you should not use the microwave. 5. Put a container of water in the chamber before the specialist starts to diagnose the fault. TROUBLESHOOTING AND ELIMINATION The high-voltage fuse is blown. This is the most common problem with which users contact the service center. How to understand that this is exactly the reason for the high-voltage fuse? As a sign of this, the microwave will not turn on and will not respond to pressing the buttons on its panel. Please note, before performing diagnostics, you need to discharge the high-voltage capacitor, and then remove the protective cover attached with screws. Then, using an ammeter, check the voltage in the surge protector. If the fuse burns out, it must be replaced with a new one, but do not forget to find out why the overload occurred. When diagnosing, you can detect swelling on the parts or partial darkening, in which case check the control unit. See if there are changes after replacing the fuse, if not, then you need to look for the problem in the transformer board. Problems in the operation of the magnetron. It is worth talking about this problem if your microwave has stopped heating food. To begin, carefully inspect the inner walls of the device. If you do not find any mechanical damage, you will have to remove the plate, which is located on the left side of the compartment. After removing it, clean it, for this use a weak solution of alcohol. After proper cleaning, you can start checking the part. If you find darkening or burned places, you will need a complete replacement. Useful advice! Diagnosis of malfunction of the microwave magnetron is better to entrust an experienced master. Need to replace the burnt mica plate. If you began to notice sparks during the operation of the microwave oven, then this is the first sign that there are problems in the operation of the mica plate, as a rule, it is its burnout. This problem, unlike a non-working magnetron, can be solved by yourself. But, why did it burn out, and how to fix this problem? The fact is that many users ignore the rules prescribed in the operating instructions and do not use a special lid during cooking. Accordingly, some products are sprayed all over the chamber, and this leads to the soaking of mica, and subsequently to its burnout. If you still failed to prevent the mica from burning out, it is better to contact professionals OTHER MALFUNCTIONS There are also such microwave breakdowns that are much less common, but also bring inconvenience to the user. Let’s figure out how to act if the device does not work, the tray does not rotate in it or the display refuses to work. The backlight in the chamber does not work. As a rule, the backlight is triggered when you open the door and during the operation of the device. If it does not work, then you need to check the bulb, it may burn out, and replacing it with a new one will fix the problem. Very rarely, the backlight itself may malfunction. In the case when the backlight is out of order, you should contact the master, this is not a light bulb, you can not replace it yourself. The fuse is blown. Most often this happens when there is a power surge in the electrical network. Replace the blown fuse and the microwave will work again. If this does not help, then you should look for the cause in the diode or transformer. The plate does not rotate or rotates unevenly. Clean the rollers, if this does not help, then it is worth checking whether the microwave plate motor is working, if it is burned out, replace it with a new one. The microwave fan has stopped working. The device turns on or off by itself, the problem is in ventilation, or rather in its absence. To eliminate the breakdown, perform a complete cleaning of the cooling grilles and regular channels, then restart the microwave oven. The appliance does not work. Check the socket, plug, fuse, and cable. If all this works, then the cause must be sought in the diode or transformer. In order not to break the wood, even more, call a repairman at home or take the device to a service center. The microwave oven does not turn off. There may be such a problem that the device itself does not turn off and does not respond to pressing the buttons, and this can only be eliminated by pulling the cord out of the socket. This usually happens due to a failure in the door microswitches, there are several of them. This can only be determined by completely disassembling the device and checking the terminals. You do not need to do it yourself, there are trained people for this. Now you know the most common malfunctions of microwaves, their causes, and possible solutions. Often, knowing the problems and the reasons that lead to them, they can be avoided, the main thing is to have the desire, to use the device correctly and to carry out preventive cleaning and inspection of equipment in time. And also read the instructions carefully and do not neglect the rules of safe use. It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego county. 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