Troubleshooting Common KitchenAid Oven Problems
When the oven doesn’t work anymore you still have things to prepare and bake. You want to make sure that all precaution is taken care of to avoid any delays in preparing meals and you also want to make sure that when something happens, you can replace it as quickly as it does. If meals for the holidays are prepared in your kitchen, the oven cannot go out on you but it may if it’s not maintained well. If it does go out, what can you do to remedy it until it’s time to repair it? Here is some simple trouble shooting tips that you can try. If you are having one of these issues, you can most likely fix it yourself.

Your KitchenAid oven won’t hold temperature?

In the owners’ manual you will find instructions to set the thermostat 35° hotter or colder depending on what you need. In order to do this, you will need to have access to a thermometer that works in either extreme heat or cold. Door Won’t Shut: The hinge may need to be replaced. Use the right tools to remove the door and replace the hinge before placing the door back on. If the oven door is mounted to the frame of the oven, remove the side panel to gain access to it. If you are having one of these issues, you will need to contact a professional to assist you instead. The oven won’t turn on: If the oven won’t turn on, you most likely need to run a voltage check but do not attempt this by yourself. There could be an issue with the controls, the bake or broil element, a broken wire or little to know power coming into the unit if the oven is electric. If the oven operates with gas, it could be a problem with the gas controls, the gas valve, the igniter, or even a broken wire. Contact a professional. The light doesn’t work: If the light doesn’t come on, you could just have a bad bulb and needs to be replaced. If that won’t work, you may have a light switch that is defaulted. This is very dangerous and will require a repairman to handle it. Oven Won’t Self Clean: If the oven will not self-clean and has the option to do so, you may have a clock failure, a broken wire, a bad lock assembly or even a bad door switch. You will need a professional to repair this issue. There are times when you can simply need to come to grips with replacing your oven instead of trying to fix it yourself or calling an appliance repair professional in San Diego County, to fix it for you. Fallen Rack: This is a good sign that the internal cavity of your oven isn’t able to withstand the weight on the rack and becomes a problem. If this happens, it can be too dangerous to operate and should be replaced immediately. Rust: If the inside of your oven begins to rust, it can be too dangerous and allow the flame to get out oven the oven wall and into the oven. Replacing it is the only option. Old Age: Sometimes an appliance becomes so out of date, it cannot work anymore. If you have had your oven for many, many years, you may want to upgrade to a modern unit that will handle anything you need it to. There is a lot to choose from Contact us:

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