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Contrary to popular belief, the concept of having a dishwashing machine is not really new. In fact, the very first dishwasher can be traced back to as early as the 1850’s. But surprisingly, it was only during the 1920’s when dishwashers were mass-produced for the public. Today, the dishwasher is a common appliance among many kitchens today, and so many people could not live their life properly without it. The dishwasher is very reliable since it helps save time and eliminates the hassle that is associated with washing dishes. But like other machines, the dishwasher sometimes does not work as it is supposed to. Do you have a dishwasher at home? Here are some of the common dishwasher problems that you might end up having:

Strange noise

When dishwashers operate, they usually make sounds – however, the same is not true for state-of-the-art washers nowadays with no-sound technology. It is normal to hear the rushing water and the whirring gears as the dishwasher cleans the dishes. But if it makes loud and irritating noise that you have not heard of when you first used it, something must be wrong with it. • Drain pump problem – One of the most common problems for strange dishwasher noises is a dirty or defective drain pump. It would have to be cleaned or if it is badly damaged, it would have to be replaced. Drain pumps are sold in a lot of hardware and appliance stores. • Drain impeller problem – Also, another possible cause for strange noise would be a defective drain impeller. Through time, the impeller accumulates a lot of debris and once it does, it would definitely cause a lot of racket. • Drain pump motor problem – If the sound is like a low buzzing drone that is quite similar to the sound of motor running, there is a chance that something is wrong with the drain pump motor. Most likely, the bearings have failed and would have to be replaced.

Still dirty

The dishwasher is expected to wash dishes, right? But what if you take your dishes out of the machine and you find that they are still dirty? That means you might have to do the dishwashing manually. Nobody wants to deal with a problem like that. Here are some of the possible fixes for you to consider if your dishwasher is not doing its job properly. • Do not block the sprayer – The sprayer of your dishwasher should be able to reach all the corners of the machine interior so that dishes would be cleaned properly. Do not allow large plates or bowls to block the sprayer. Make sure that it is running in a full-range motion. • Make sure there is enough water – Another possible fix for a dishwasher that is not cleaning well is making sure you have enough water. Check the float. Make sure that it is not stuck in a raised position. Also, make sure the inlet screen is not clogged. • Do not put too much load – One reason why your dishes are not being cleaned is that you have probably put too much of them inside the dishwasher. Do not stuff a lot of dishes in the machine to the point that they do not have space between them. Arrange them properly so that every part of them would be cleaned.

Not working

Of course, there would be a problem if your dishwasher stops working. How else would you be able to clean your dishes? There are so many possible causes for a inoperable dishwasher. Here are just some of the most common ones. • Broken fuses or circuit breakers – One of the first things that you have to do is to check the fuses or circuit breakers if they are functional. You might have not noticed that they have blown or tripped earlier. You should also ensure that your dishwasher is properly plugged into the outlet. • Check the motor pump – If you can hear the motor running but your dishwasher is still not working, something might be wrong with the motor pump. The pump might have been blocked or jammed by debris. Or, the drive belt might have been damaged over time. • Inspect the wiring – Another thing you should do is to inspect the wiring of the dishwasher machine. The wiring might have been chewed off by some rodents in your home or the electrical cords might have been damaged. Keeping a dishwasher up and running is not really that difficult. All you need to do is to use it as you should, based on the manual. If you ever encounter problems with your dishwasher – problems that seem too difficult for you to handle, you can always consider hiring the services of San Diego Appliance Repair. We are open seven days a week! Contact us:

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