Tips To Take Care of Your Appliances To Increase Their Longevity
If you want your household appliances to last their longest and most functional lifespan, you need to take care of them. It takes very little effort to do this but the benefits are worth every minute. Here are some simple ways you can take care of some of your household appliances and help them operate at their peak performance without inconvenient repairs.

Your Dryer

A properly functioning dryer should easily lift light lint off an article of clothing and deposit it into the lint trap. But lint is a highly flammable substance. Make sure that you are checking your dryer vent each time you use it. Not only does a clogged dryer vent prevent circulation and cause it to work harder than necessary but the accumulated lint can become a dangerous fire hazard. It is also important to check and clean the venting hose periodically.


The coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator enable air to be properly circulated for the best cooling. When these coils are dirty, your refrigerator works harder than it has to and uses far more energy to do so. Cleaning the coils can be a simple matter of using a vacuum attachment or long handled brush. The refrigerator drip pan is another place where nasty water and dirt can accumulate. The drip pan can easily be removed and washed. Your freezer should never accumulate frost. It helps to periodically shut off your freezer and empty and clean it. Often food can block the vents inside the freezer compartment and make it unable to circulate cold air the way it was designed. A thorough cleaning every once in awhile helps to keep your freezer compartment clean and working properly. If the seals and gaskets on your refrigerator are dirty, chances are that the doors aren’t closing properly and cold air is escaping. The gasket inside the doors can be gently cleaned with soap and water to ensure that your refrigerator is keeping the cold air where it belongs and doesn’t need to continue to work harder than it needs to.

Stove and Oven

Self-cleaning ovens are wonderful things. The self-clean feature works at very high temperatures to burn off residue inside your oven and leaves nothing but some telltale ash that is easily cleaned up with soap and water. Make sure you take oven racks out first as they are not designed for the high heats of the self-clean cycle. Keep all knobs cared for and bulbs replaced. These are easy things to overlook but can make a difference in the aesthetic appearance of your stove. If your knobs need replacing, a Bradford appliance repair technician will be able to replace them for you. Keep all drip pans clean so food doesn’t cake on them and permanently discolor them. Periodic maintenance of your household appliances can keep them working like new. A professional appliance repair service in Bradford can set you up with a maintenance schedule. When you are looking for a company to trust, look no further than San Diego Appliances Repair Company. We offer same-day service for all your appliance repair and maintenance needs. Contact us:

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