Removing Mildew And Musty Odors From Front Load Washing Machine
While there are generally two types of washing machines – front and top loading, front-loaders washing machines are much more common. Those washing machines are used in the majority of households as they are more contemporary and bring a lot of convenience. However, as time passes, the washers usually wear out and it might require repairs to work properly. That’s why proper maintenance is imperative, if you are to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest standards. Have noticed a smell of mildew recently? This is a very characteristic, heavy and incredibly unpleasant musty smell. What is more, your clothes are likely to smell worse than they did before you threw them in the machine. This particular mildew smell is a very common issue for a lot of people who own washers with front-loading doors. The smell comes from the mold which grows within the washing machine itself and that is caused by a lot of residue and bacteria. Luckily for you, there are quite a few things you can take into account in order to ensure that this particular smell goes away or it doesn’t appears at all. If you take the advice of appliance repair experts, they suggest quite a few tips to have clean smelling clothes.

Step 1: Use High-Efficiency detergent

When you clean your washer with a detergent, make sure that you use one which is of high efficiency. A non-HE one is going to cause suds which are going to leave a lot of residue behind. This is an important consideration.

Step 2: Wash cycle needs to use hot water

The last load of the day, even if it’s an empty load, should be run with hot water. This is very important. While washing with cold water is going to save both money and energy, it doesn’t really kill the bacteria. Hot water, on the other hand, will do that and that’s something particularly important.

Step 3: Clean the drain pump

Now, the majority of the front-loading washing machines have easily located and isolated drain pumps which are not difficult to locate. However, you should know that they would regularly get jammed with lint, hair and coins and a range of other things which are capable of causing the musty smell of mildew. So, with this being said – cleaning it regularly is something very important. As you can see, there are a few quick steps that you need to handle in order to ensure that your front-loading washing machine smells as good as it can. Of course, if you start noticing some further and more complex complications, you should most definitely make sure that everything is handled by a professional. While it’s going to cost you a small amount, it’s definitely better than to rely on your lack of experience. With plenty of companies operating within the city, calling on a licensed, insured and bonded appliance repair company in San Diego County does help. Contact us:

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