clean a range hood filter
Today the availability of silver screen filters has eliminated the need to replace the older filters with new ones. Instead, the old, dirty filter can undergo a thorough cleaning. Ideally, that cleaning operation takes place at least once every year.

Benefits enjoyed by those using kitchen after completion of filter’s cleaning

In order to appreciate such benefits, it helps to become familiar with the function of the range hood. That unit clears the air in the kitchen of smoke, steam and odors, all of which are by-products of the cooking process. The range hood does that by pulling the unwanted substances through the filter and into the vent. The filter collects the grease and food particles in the entering air. Thus, it keeps them from getting into the vent, where they could ultimately stop the flow of the hot and smelly vapors. Moreover, once the extent of the filter’s dirt has reached a certain level, the kitchen’s smoke alarm could start going off periodically. Furthermore, that same dirt contains food particles, which could attract fruit flies and cock roaches.

Steps to follow when cleaning a dirty filter

Gather the necessary supplies: boiling or exceedingly warm water, baking soda, degreasing dish soap, a non-abrasive scrub brush and a heat proof container. (That container could be a sink.) Remove the filter. Most of them pop out from the underside of the range. Sometimes it becomes necessary to operate a loop or a latch, in order to carry out this particular removal operation. Clean the container you have decided to use and fill it with the extra warm water. If you find that even a sink will not hold every inch of your dirty filtering unit, you can work on completing just one half of that same unit, before working on the second half. Add 1 T of dish soap to the water in the carefully selected container. Then sprinkle the baking soda on the soapy water. Submerge the filter completely in the water and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. At the conclusion of that soaking period, use a scrub brush to remove what did not yet dissolve in the water. You must work towards getting the filter’s surface as clean as possible. Finally, rinse and dry the cleaned device, the one which will be used for filtering the air. Wipe that same device with a clean rag or a paper towel. At this point you have a clean filtering unit, but it needs to be returned to its designated location within the range hood. Pop it back in place and secure it with a loop or latch, if one of those has been placed on the hood’s underside. And if you are unable to find time to clean it or there are issues that need professional assistance, you need to call in appliance repair service in San Diego County. Contact us:

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