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Now, the truth is that we live in times of rapid technological development and this concerns kitchen appliances just as much as everything else. With this in mind, refrigerators are far from being the simple cooling units from the past – they are currently equipped with a range of different features. One of them is the icemaker. This is a very convenient feature which is going to help you get rid of the annoying plastic ice-cube forms that you used. What is more, the entire solution is perfectly automated and all you have to do is press one button. Of course, just as any other piece of kitchen appliance, this is also capable of malfunctioning. With this in mind, one of the most common issues which is observed is when your icemaker starts to produce very small and tiny cubes. This is usually caused when your water supply is completely or partially blocked. The fix isn’t as complicated, so let’s take a look.

Remove the icemaker

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the screws which hold the icemaker at the designated place. Unplug the wires and make sure to remove the device. This way you will be able to access the water inlet tube. Now, one of the most common issues and the reason for which your icemaker won’t be performing properly is caused by water which has frozen in the aforementioned inlet tube.

Melting the ice

Once you’ve established that the problem is caused by frozen water inside the inlet tube, you need to properly melt it. You can use a hairdryer for this, regardless of the fact that it sounds a bit silly. This is going to generate the necessary heat and you will be able to de-frost it rather quickly. However, you shouldn’t stop until the water stops dripping from the inlet tube as it might go a long way inside.

Unblock the Saddle valve

This is also something that might be causing the issue – a blocked saddle valve. Turn it in a clockwise manner in order to unblock it. Firmly tighten the valve in order o make sure that mineral deposits are cleared from the pinhole. Once you are through you can reopen it.

Call a Professional

If the issue persists once you are through these two basic repair processes, you need to call the appliance repair professionals in San Diego County. Everything else beyond this might be too complicated for an inexperienced person to handle. You could actually make matters worse. Calling the professionals is a reasonable and wise choice which is definitely going to get the problem solved. Keep in mind that when you are performing those repair works the refrigerator needs to be switched off all the time. Al electrical appliances become a health hazard if safety precautions are not maintained. That is why you need to switch off and remove the plug of any appliance that you intend repairing. Contact us:

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