Gas Range
Now, the truth is that there are quite a lot of things that could go wrong with a gas oven. However, according to the professionals, one of the most common issues is that the gas burner on the gas range won’t light. With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a few DIY solutions that you could handle on your own. Keep in mind that caution as well as vigilance is absolutely critical and needs to be administered at all times.

Clean the pilot or the actual ignite

This is a process which is likely going to take you no more than about a minute. However, it’s capable of saving you a considerable amount of issues. In order to get to the ignition system, the first thing you need to do is lift up the lid of the stove. Make sure to give it a rap with the heel of your hand if it’s actually stuck. If the burners are sealed you should know that the lid wouldn’t lift. But then again, if that’s the case, the ignite is likely to identify them so you can clean it the same way. When you get to the ignition, use appropriate detergent to clean it thoroughly – it could malfunction because it’s clogged with grease or other debris. If this doesn’t work, you need to make sure to follow the following steps.

Clean the entire burner assembly

This is another quick solution and it’s the same for spark ignition stoves as well as for standing pilots. You have to lift the burner assembly from the arm that supports it as you slide it right away from the actual valve port of the burner. You will find that it’s simply resting there. After this you need to remove the shipping screws if they are still where they are supposed to be. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t need to reinstall them afterwards which is saving time. All other parts are actually sealed so they can’t really get clogged. Once you are through with cleaning the assembly, put it back together. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time for solution number 3.

Check the spark ignition

Control modules, ignites and switches can go bad when you have a stove that runs an electronic ignition system. In order to check it you need to pull off the burner dials and make sure to remove all the screws which are holding the front cover in place. After that you need to remove the cover. When you get there, you can examine the different components and check if there is a malfunctioning one. It is best to talk with an appliance repair specialist as they understand all aspects of the issues and solutions that they can provide. Thus, if something doesn’t work after you have tried, don’t keep at it but call in the professional appliance repair technicians in San Diego County. We’re your best option for quick and easy local repair and maintenance of any type and brand s of your appliances. Contact us:

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