Tips For Loading A Washing Machine
The smart homemaker realizes that the issues that can damage washed clothes must be eliminated by paying attention to each step in the washer-loading process. That includes those steps that take place even before any garment or linen gets tossed into the washer’s tub.

Preparing the items that will be washed

– Check all the pockets. Once each of them is empty, turn each of them inside out. – Zip up all the zippers. That hides any sharp edge, which could catch on a piece of material. – Fasten all the hooks, for the same reason. – Unroll the cuffs. If this step gets overlooked, the clean garment could display noticeable cuff marks. – Unbutton all buttons. This reduces the chances for creation of a torn button hole. – Read carefully the tags on the clothing. Follow the given instructions. – Turn dark garments inside out. This reduces the chances for fading.

Steps where a small mistake can create a big problem

Use the amount of detergent recommended on the package. Do not add more than that, in order to prevent formation of a residue. A residue will form in the higher regions of the tub, if too much detergent gets added with any given load. Extra suds can lead to deposits in the washer and then you will need a professional appliance repair service in San Diego County to work on it. Put the detergent in first and pile the garments and linens on top of that liquid or powder. That keeps any material from experiencing exposure to a heavy concentration of cleaning chemicals. Do not overload the washing machine. Do not put items above the agitator. If this instruction has not been followed, some of the washed items will remain dirty in spots. Make sure any large or bulky item gets distributed over a large portion of the tub. If it cannot be spread out, try to balance its weight against the weight of some other item. This prevents shaking, which can damage the washer. Do not use the washer as a place for storing dirty laundry. That can encourage the growth of mold and fungus on any one of the dirty items. That might decide to take up residence in the washer’s tub.

Tips for unloading the same machine

Take the garments and linens out promptly. Make sure that no small item has been left in the tub. You do not want to give any object the chance to work its way into the section with the washer’s operating components. Do not close the lid. Leave it open, so that the tub can dry out. That prevents growth of mold and mildew. Keep the washer’s surface as clean as possible. Wipe off any detergent that falls on that same surface. Understand that the cleaning chemicals can have a corrosive effect, when not diluted with water. Contact us:

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