freezer breaks down
When your freezer breaks down, it is important to act quickly to get repairs started, or you waste a lot of food waste and cleanup. Whether you have a standard freezer (attached to your refrigerator) or a standalone chest freezer, chances are you may need the support of a professional to get things running again. But, there are a few common problems that cause freezers to stop running that you just might be able to address yourself. Taking the time to review common freezer issues can save you time and an expensive repair bill.

Common Freezer DIY Repairs

Before you make a call for repairs, there are a number of things you can try to get your freezer up and running again. ● Programmed Defrost: Sometimes, freezer issues are caused by a buildup of frost or ice on essential components. Some freezers, particularly large chest freezers, are programmed with an automatic defrost option. Always try this option before seeking professional repairs ● Dirty Condenser: All freezers contain a fan unit as part of the condenser. Over time, frost, dust, and debris may build up, causing problems with this fan, and limiting the ability to cool. You can check the condenser fan to see if it needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, this can be the solution to your problems ● Plug and Power Supply: Freezers tend to draw a lot of current. If your unit appears to be struggling, make sure the power cord, and outlet that the freezer is plugged into, are functioning properly

When to get Professional Help with your Freezer

Sometimes, freezer issues are simply too complex to be handled personally, and you may need to call in the assistance of a professional appliance repair expert in San Diego County ● Compressor Issues: Over time, it is very common for the compressor in a freezer to wear out. A very common cause of freezer breakdown is a failed compressor. If yours is faulty, you will need to seek qualified professionals to find a new compressor and install a replacement ● Evaporator Issues: The evaporator is often the cause of a freezer breakdown. In some cases, the DIY methods described above will help solve these problems. In other cases, you will need a professional to repair or replace the evaporator before your freezer will run again When your freezer breaks down, you risk a lot of food spoilage and an expensive repair bill. Even if you aren’t a master DIYer, taking the time to review common freezer problems, and see if you can fix the problem yourself is the best way to approach a broken freezer. Chances are, you may be able to get your freezer up and running again with a little work, and save yourself an expensive repair bill. Contact us:

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