Users of washing machines under the term “does not work” mean a lot of different problems, as well as the fact that they are waiting for the washing machine repair San Diego.¬† ¬†Therefore, first of all, you should figure out what exactly is not working, and only then take action – call a master or fix the problem yourself. 1. The machine does not turn on, and the lights on the control panel are not lit. This means that there was a break in the power supply circuit. Your first step should be to check the power supply: – The socket in which the machine is plugged in; – the plug and cord of the washing machine. 2. The lock does not work, the washing machine does not lock the door A common situation is when the washing machine turns on, the program is selected, but the washing does not begin: the machine does not even draw water. This happens because the door is not blocked. 3. the water intake does not work It happens that the door of the washing machine is blocked, but the water is not dialed, and the machine does not wash. Models with a display show a water intake error. In this case, check: – whether there is water in the water supply; – the inlet valve to the washing machine is not blocked; – whether the filter sieve is clogged, or located at the connection of the filler hose to the washing machine, instructions for cleaning the sieve are here. 4. The motor does not work, and the drum does not rotate Usually, users notice motor failure when the washing machine does not spin the drum. 5. The heating does not work Users are often faced with this trouble. The washing machine on programs with heating spins the drum for a while and then hangs up. Models with a display usually show a heating error on the screen in the form of a digital-letter combination, without a display – with blinking indicators. In this case, the programs of washing in cold water (without heating) can run normally. 6. Drain does not work The machine freezes with water in the drum and does not proceed to the next program cycle (rinse or spin). Models with display indicate drain error on the screen, and washing machines without display show error by blinking of lamps on the control panel. Pay attention! Lack of drain differs from a malfunction with heating the fact that the machine hangs with water at the end of the washing cycle. And in case of a heating malfunction – at the beginning of the program or immediately when you turn it on. If you’ve checked your washing machine and are convinced you have a breakdown, call an appliance repair service in San Diego County or book your service. We’ll come with the right parts and repair your washing machine in your home. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]