The heating element is broken   The heating element heats the water. However, it also affects the correct setting of the washing program. Inside this component is a special sensor that measures the water temperature. It is selected individually for each program. When the water temperature reaches the required level, the thermistor sends a signal to the control board and the heating element is switched off.   Washing the laundry in cold water indicates the incorrect operation of the sensor. Therefore, switching over does not take place. The situation is resolved by checking that the heater is in good working order. If it is broken, it will have to be replaced with a new part. In LG, Samsung, and Bosch machines, the heating element is located at the front. In Whirlpool washing machines, the part is located at the rear of the cabinet.   Instructions for disassembling the washer-dryer and replacing the heating element:  
  1. Unscrew the screws located around the perimeter of the rear panel. Remove the cover. On some models, it is also necessary to remove the top panel as it is connected to the rear of the cabinet.
  1. open the powder cuvette and then press the latch in the center to remove the tray.
  1. Unscrew the bolts that are behind the cuvette. There are normally no more than three of these. Remove the fasteners located next to the control panel.
       4.  Remove the plastic catches securing the panel. Use a flat-tipped screwdriver to do this.  
  1. It is not necessary to disconnect the wires. The module can be placed on the body of the unit.
  1. Open the hatch door and start removing the rubber collar. Undo the collar and then remove the seal by tucking it into the inside of the tank.
  1. Remove the bolts holding the UBL lock. Disconnect the connectors where the wiring harness is located.
  1. Dismantle the plinth plate which is located on the underside of the body. Remove all the self-tapping screws and then lift the panel up to detach it from the body.
  1. Immediately below the tank are the outlets through which the heating element is connected. Check the functionality of the component with a multimeter or ohmmeter. Measure the resistance level with a tester. If an infinite value appears on the screen, this indicates that the component is defective. 
  1. To change the heating element, simply loosen the bolt that holds it in place. The fastening element can be unscrewed with a normal screwdriver.
  1. Press down on the bolt, and pry the heating element around the edge to pull it out.
  1. Remove the temperature sensor from the component, it may be necessary to replace this part only.
  The heating element stops working due to scale build-up or burn-out, short-circuit. It is impossible to repair this part. The only solution is to replace the component. The installation of the part and the assembly of the washing machine are carried out in a similar way but in reverse order.   Problems with the control unit   If your washing machine doesn’t switch modes or does so incorrectly, you should check the control box. Sometimes the washing program can be changed arbitrarily without the user’s intervention. In some situations, a breakdown in the main board may cause the appliance to stop working altogether.   The repair must not be delayed. An initial inspection must be carried out by yourself. Photocopy all connectors before disconnecting the board from the unit. To remove the component, unfasten the plastic tabs. Use an ordinary plastic screwdriver to do this. Carefully examine the part for burnt elements. If most of the board is burnt out, it will have to be replaced.   If in doubt, call an appliance repair service in San Diego County to have the washer-dryer repaired. It is cheaper to refurbish the circuit board than to replace the entire control box.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]