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In this article, we will consider the case of why the washing machine does not pick up water. We want to say right away that this is not the case when you should panic and urgently look for a master because some of the reasons why this situation can happen can be solved independently. It often happens that the problem is not in the car itself, and the reason for this may be external factors. The washing machine does not draw water – check the water tap No matter how funny it may be, in one case out of ten why water does not enter the machine – there is a malfunction of the water supply tap or it is simply blocked. In order to check if the tap is working, you need to disconnect the water supply hose from the washing machine. Be careful, even if it seems to you that you have shut off the water supply – water may come out of the hose. Therefore, it is necessary to substitute any container for collecting water. If water comes from the hose under pressure (pressure), then the faucet is in good condition and the cause of the breakdown is different. If water does not come from the hose and you are sure or it seems to you that the tap is open, then the reason is in the tap itself. You just need to replace the tap with a similar one. The washing machine does not take water well – the water supply filter may be clogged This filter serves as a kind of protection against the ingress of small particles of sand, debris, etc. into the washing machine. It should be carefully removed and rinsed under running water. Then put it back in place, connect the hose and check whether water is supplied. Also, it will not be superfluous to check the water supply hose itself. It may have mechanical damage due to which water does not get into the washing machine. A faulty water supply valve is one of the reasons why the washing machine does not draw water The valve receives an “instruction” from the control board and water is supplied under pressure. This valve can fail when you, for example, started a washing program and forgot to open the water supply tap and went about your business for a long time or when the water supply filter is clogged. Usually, the valve is designed for five minutes of continuous operation, if it works more, there is a high probability that the coil will “burn out”. To check the performance of the valve it is necessary to measure its resistance to the waves. The approximate resistance on the rings should be within 4kOhm. If the valve is not new, we recommend replacing it entirely with coils. In other cases, it is possible to replace one of the coils. The decision to replace a particular spare part you can make in consultation with the master. Breakdown of the control module – a possible reason why the washing machine stopped drawing water The control module is, so to speak, the “brains” of the washing machine. It controls the device and gives the appropriate commands. Surely in this case it is time to seek help from home appliance repair specialists, especially if you are not versed in electronics. The control module will have to be replaced with a new one or “flashed”. We advise you to make such a decision with a specialist. Malfunctions of the module can also affect the spin mode in the washing machine. Water does not enter the washing machine – faulty water level sensor Such a sensor is also called a water pressure sensor or pressure switch. It is necessary to control the supply of water for washing. If it is faulty, the water simply does not get into the drum of the washing machine. Usually, in this case, the faulty sensor is replaced with a new one. Defective hatch locking device This device serves to prevent the sudden or deliberate opening of the hatch during the washing process. But the problem maybe not be in the hatch locking device itself but in the hatch itself. The hinges on which the hatch is held or the corresponding lock could fail. As you can see, there can be many reasons why the washing machine does not draw water. Some can be solved by yourself, but there are also reasons why it is better to contact specialists so as not to harm your assistant. If you are not confident in your abilities – contact trusted masters or service centers. It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repair to get your washing machine working like new again. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]