You have loaded the washing machine, as usual, and selected the program normally, but after pressing the “Start” button nothing happens: the machine does not start washing. At the same time, the power is on, the screen is lit, but the washing machine does not start. What could have happened to your washing machine, and why it does not respond to the “Start” button (“Play” or “Start”), we will deal with this in our article. When you can cope with the problem yourself Before you call a repair shop for washing machines, check the following. Whether your washing machine does not turn on the child lock. Usually, this mode is indicated on the body or the display of the washing machine sign lock or face with a pacifier. To disable the child lock mode, you need to long-press the “Start” button or press a set of buttons labeled “child”. For more specific information on how to disable the child lock on your washing machine, see your washing machine’s manual. Whether the door of the machine is closed. Try opening and closing the hatch until it clicks, then run the program again. You may not have closed the door properly, so the washer didn’t respond to the “Start” button. Whether there was a one-time failure of the control unit. To do this, disconnect your machine from the electricity for 10-15 minutes, and then turn it back on. In case of a one-time failure of the control board, it helps to overload it, and after the re-inclusion of the washing machine starts working normally. Probable malfunctions that require repair If the hatch is closed, unplugging the machine did not help, and the child lock is definitely not on, your machine is probably broken. Most often the “Start” button does not work on washing machines because of the breakdown of the following assemblies. The start or start button is defective Probably the button was damaged mechanically, the contacts are oxidized or burnt, and the button or its seat is dirty. The device for locking the sunroof malfunctioned The heat tab (for the thermoelectric shut-off device) may have melted or been destroyed in the shut-off device. Because of this, the bimetal plate is not heated properly, bending does not occur, and the lock does not operate. Occasionally, the bimetallic plate itself loses flexibility and is less responsive to heat. Sometimes the cause of the hatch locking device failure is faulty contacts of the hatch locking device. The Control board burned out Due to power surges or moisture on the board can burn out individual radio elements, oxidize/burn out contacts, and tracks in the circuit of the “Start” button. In LG washing machines with a selector program selector, a frequent reason is the failure of selector LEDs on the board. If your washing machine doesn’t turn on the start button and your laundry has started to pile up, call an appliance repair service in San Diego County or book now. We repair all brands, years of manufacture, and upright and horizontal loads of washing machines in your home. Our professional will diagnose the problem with your appliance and fix it right away if you tell them it doesn’t work. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]