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Everyone knows the sounds of the fridge working: we all got used to the measured rumbling of kitchen equipment and almost never pay attention to it anymore. However, sometimes the fridge starts to make completely different sounds, namely clicks. Could it be that something is broken? Naturally, the first thing to check if you hear unusual noises is whether the fridge freezes at all? If everything is visually all right, the temperature reaches the set value and there is nothing special except for the clicks in the refrigerator operation, then there can be several reasons for such a sound. If the clicks are heard while the compressor is resting, most likely the sounds are due to the deformation of materials during cooling and heating. Both plastic parts and “weeping” evaporator tubes can crackle. There is nothing terrible in such noises – fridge design takes into account the possible expansion and contraction of materials, and it will not lead to damage. If you hear clicking noises when turning your refrigerator on or off, it is most likely the sound of the thermostat. Some temperature sensor models are more audible and can be heard quite well. This is not considered a malfunction. However, if this is your case – the refrigerator should be clicking from the first hours of operation in your home. If your fridge has never been a Nutcracker before, or if besides strange sounds you see other deviations in operation – for example, the fridge clicks and does not freeze – it means that there is some kind of breakage. The most frequent breakages are when the fridge clicks In addition to quite innocuous causes, clicks can indicate a number of malfunctions in the refrigerator. Thermostat Normally, the thermostat transmits temperature information to the control unit, which gives the motor commands to turn on or off. The thermostat always operates with clicking noises, but if a breakdown causes the motor not to start and start making noise, the clicks can be heard particularly clearly. Signs: When you turn on an electromechanically controlled refrigerator, you hear clicking noises, but the compressor won’t turn on. The thermostat needs to be replaced. Motor-compressor There is an inter-turn short circuit or a short circuit of a winding to frame (starting or working). This causes the compressor to overheat and the starter relay shuts down. Signs: A clicking noise is heard when the refrigerator is turned on: the motor tries to start, but shuts down immediately. The lights in the refrigerator compartment are on. The compressor motor needs to be replaced. Starting relay Failed and mistakenly shuts off the compressor motor. Signs: Clicks are heard intermittently, but the motor will not start, and the refrigerator is dark. The relay needs to be replaced. Motor mounts loosened And the motor is rubbing against the cabinet when you turn it on or stop it. Signs: The fridge clicks when the compressor turns on or off. The refrigerator freezes normally, light in the refrigerator compartment works. It is necessary to tighten the fasteners, adjust the springs and move the refrigerator so that the tubes do not touch the refrigerator body or the wall. As you see, the reasons why the refrigerator clicks can be different: from the normal state to rather serious breakages like the breakdown of the compressor. But one thing is certain – if your refrigerator has never clicked before, and suddenly it began to click, it is better to have the unit diagnosed. Call a master, the more so that in an appliance repair service in San Diego County diagnosis is absolutely free if you agree to repair! The master will come to the house at a convenient time for you, examine your home Nutcracker, and call the exact cause of such noisy behavior of the equipment. After that, if necessary, will carry out repairs. And once again you will be able to enjoy your refrigerator without making a noise! Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]