Serious situations and solutions It is important to remember the warranty. If it has not yet expired, contact the nearest service center. If it has already expired, we recommend that you contact an appliance repair service in San Diego County. Our technicians have a lot of experience with this problem.   Situation #1 – the pump is out of order The job of the drain pump is to get the water out of the machine. If it is broken, the water will stand in the appliance until the owner replaces the part. Determining the malfunction of the mechanism is simple – when the stage of water drainage starts, the working pump creates a characteristic sound. Silence becomes an indicator of a breakdown.   The device has a peculiar design. Electric elements of the stator are located behind the boundaries of the impeller and the magnet – so the coils of the device are completely isolated from the water. Magnetic induction rotates the rotor with the impeller, due to which the water is pumped.   It is desirable in the process to treat the shanks with heat-resistant grease because the usual composition will easily wash out with hot water during dishwashing.   How to get to the pump:  
  1. Remove water from the dishwasher by hand or by tilting the machine forward.
  2. Pull out the filter.
  3. Place the unit on the back to remove the tray, which is screwed in with self-tapping screws.
  4. unscrew the part itself, and remove the hoses.
  5. Check the rotation of the impeller. The lack of intermittent rotation is a clear sign that the mechanism needs to be replaced.
  6. Check resistance readings by attaching the stylus of the multimeter to the pins on the pump. Normal parameters are a range of 200 ohms.
When reassembling the pump body, replace the gasket or use a heat-resistant silicone sealant. Also, check the wiring to the pump. If the wiring is faulty, the pump will have to be replaced as well.   This part is almost impossible to repair. In rare cases, you can do with greasing or removing dirt from the impeller. If the pump is completely defective, contact the manufacturer’s representative, order a new part and make a replacement – put a new pump according to the reverse disassembly algorithm.   Situation #2 – the water level sensor is defective It is also called the water level sensor. This is an important part of the dishwasher, which measures the water pressure in the dishwasher and sends a signal to the program unit. This information is needed with every wash cycle. If the data is not received in time, the program is disrupted, and the unit begins to work incorrectly.   The water sensor can have a mechanical or electronic device. Its operation is based on the communicating vessel principle. The sensor tube is connected to the tank in such a way that the water in the tube and the tank are at the same level during filling.   When the water level sensor is defective, the water accumulates in the sump and does not drain out. The defect can also be in the high-pressure tank or the tube connected to the sensor. Causes of failure: natural wear and tear of the part, oxidation of contacts, problems with individual elements (puncture or clogging in the tube).   To get to this part, you need to disconnect the machine from all communications, cover the floor with rags, and lay the unit on its side. There are models where you need to remove the cover on the bottom or back panel.   Now you need to find the water level sensor, from it derives a tube to a large plastic box – the pressure tank. The latter is fixed with two bolts. Next, remove the tube and the reservoir itself with pliers.   Check this part for dirt, and clean it. You can check the water level sensor functionality by blowing into the tube – an operable part will make a click after a couple of seconds.   Additionally, check the electrical conductivity of the device with a multimeter. If the resistance decreases smoothly to zero, the sensor is serviceable.   The broken part is not repairable – after disassembly, it is impossible to assemble it back, so you need to replace it with the original device, bought from official representatives of the brand. To connect the new device, you need to disconnect all sensors, and the pressure tubes and put the water level sensor in place of the old one.   Situation #3 – Software Module Broken Repair or replacement of the software module is the most difficult problem associated with restoring the dishwasher. This part is the “brain” of the whole construction, which performs the function of controlling all the processes.   It is able to analyze wash cycles and give commands to the nodes: to the pump – to drain, to the heating element – to heat, to the inlet valve – to draw water. A faulty program module either sends tasks incorrectly or is “silent” at all.   The reasons for such behavior may be a short circuit, natural wear, and tear of the device, or errors in the firmware. In this case, you need to reprogram it or completely replace the board.   When the program files in the control unit module are broken, the adapter for reprogramming will help. Such an adapter is selected for each model individually.   If after reflashing the machine does not work correctly, it indicates a physical breakdown of the control unit. It is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself, so as not to worsen the situation.   Most often the unit is not repaired. There are very few craftsmen who are willing to identify the burned-out parts on the board and replace them with new ones. Such manipulations require certain skills and experience. It is easy to spoil the unit, and it is one of the most expensive parts of the dishwasher.   Now is the time to call for a professional dishwasher repair service in San Diego County. San Diego County Appliance Repair is here to help with expert and knowledgeable appliance repair so your dishwasher is as good as new.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]