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Ovens and stoves make preparing food much easier. Although the appliance is simple to use, many of them contain intricate parts as well as some more basic pieces. Whether the part is more intricate or basic, when any one of these parts stop working, your stove and oven become useless. The good news is that some of the problems with an oven or stove can be fairly easily fixed allowing you to enjoy using it for many more years. Some of the repairs can be done by the average homeowner, which can save a considerable amount of money. Other repairs may require the use of professional appliance repair services. Be sure to check out both options before deciding to get rid of you stove because of a few problems. Depending on the problem and the age of the stove, it may be worth fixing the problem instead of replacing the appliance. Here’s a look at some of the common problems people may experience with their oven or stove.

Fluctuations in Oven Temperature

This can be a highly annoying problem and make preparing food and baking next to impossible. It’s important for your oven to be able to maintain a consistent temperature if you’re going to count on it to properly heat and cook the food you want to prepare. An inconsistent temperature will result in uncooked and partially cooked food, or food that is overcooked and burned. The most common reason for problems and fluctuations in oven temperature is a faulty thermostat. Replacing the thermostat will generally fix the problem and help you get back to cooking and baking.

Oven Door that Doesn’t Fit

An oven door that doesn’t close properly will mean a loss of heat which will affect the quality of your cooking and also cost you more than necessary in energy bills. There are a couple of reasons for why the door on your oven doesn’t fit properly: the door could be warped or there could simply be a couple of loose screws, or the sealing on the door could be worn out. Loose screws are a minor problem and simply require tightening. A warped door may require replacing the door. Damaged sealing around the door can often be easily replaced.

Stove not Cooking Food

If you find that the food you place on your stovetop isn’t cooking properly, this could mean that there is an issue with the element. On the old style coil stoves it was easy to replace the element yourself. With other types of stovetops, like ceramic ones, you’ll likely need to call in a professional for their assessment.

Can’t Adjust Heat on Electrical Stove

One of the common problems one might experience with a stove is when the element on an electrical stove can no longer be adjusted. This means it either remains cold or stays hot. There is no adjusting the temperature for in between. It may be a problem with the burner. Or the infinite switch on your stove may be damaged. This is a more complex repair that should be done by a qualified appliance repair technician in San Diego County. Contact us:

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