Cleaning That Nasty Gas Grill
It’s summertime. Time to get out of the kitchen and give your kitchen appliances a much-needed rest. Ahhh..you can almost smell that barbecue, can’t you? Unfortunately, the reality of your gas grill may be less than appealing. When you open the cover of your gas grill and see nothing but built up grime from last summer, the last thing you may be tempted to do it eat something that’s been cooked on it. Never fear! We will help you get that gas grill ready for cooking in a jiffy! With some simple steps, cleaning and maintaining your grill is pretty easy. Maintenance is key to keeping the grill working properly and keeping the grime at bay. Once you get it clean, it’s much easier to keep it ready for its next use.


You really only need to clean your grill a couple times each season. Food does naturally build up and it’s easy to see when your grill needs some attention. With the help of a good grill brush and some soapy water, you’re fully equipped to tackle that grill. Give the grates a good scrub both top and bottom. In fact, always keep a good wire brush handy so you can brush the grates off after each use. If you have a scraper, this will help to scrape off the larger chunks of burnt on food. Your burner protectors need to be scrubbed. These get pretty dirty and can get easily clogged with grease. In most grills, they come right out for easy access. The burner protectors should be easy to clean with a sponge and soapy water. The next things to clean are the actual burners. In most grills, these can also be removed for easier access. If they can’t be removed, it’s easy enough to wash off the grease while they are still inserted. The plates at the bottom and bottom tray are the most difficult areas to clean as these are where most of the gunk ends up. In most cases, these will not get perfectly clean so you may just have to be happy with getting the big chunks.


When not in use, make sure you cover your gas grill. Keeping your grill covered protects it from the elements and keeps it cleaner. Before you turn on the grill, you want to make sure that there are no propane leaks. You can do this by rubbing soapy water along the line and where the tank connects. If you see bubbles, chances are that you’re dealing with a leak. Cleaning and maintaining your grill is easier than you might think. So clean that gas grill and get out of the kitchen this weekend. And when you need any appliance repair in San Diego County, call the experts at San Diego Appliance Repair for fast, reliable, and affordable service. Contact us:

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