Steps To Take When You Plan To Buy A Used Fridge
If your family’s budget does not allow for the purchase of a new refrigerator, you must plan on buying a used one. Fortunately, you will have lots of choices, as long as you know where to look for second-hand refrigerators. You can always ask the appliance repair service in San Diego County. Yet before you do any looking, you should follow a few simple steps.

Steps to take before you do any real shopping

Get the dimensions of the spot in which you plan to put your just-purchased refrigerator. Record the length, width and depth of that particular spot. Carry the measurements with you when you look for at the various second-hand fridges. Remember, though, that you need to allow a 1 inch clearance on the sides and top of that tall appliance. Look again at your budget establish the price range that you find acceptable. Be resolved to look only at those fridges that fall within that same price range. Go online and gather as much information as you can on the different models. Pay attention, too to comments about any one brand. Learn what others have to say about the refrigerators produced by various manufacturers. Give some thought to how you plan to move your purchase. Remember that refrigerators ought to remain upright during a move.

Procedure to follow once you start looking for a used refrigerator

– Study the different classified ads. – Watch for any notice about a coming garage or moving sale. – Visit used appliance stores, thrift shops and flea markets. – Let your friends, neighbors and family know that you are in the market for a used fridge. Make a list of the fridges that seem best able to meet your needs. Record the contact information for the owners of those same appliances. Call the owners and ask them pertinent questions, such as these: Why are you selling this right now? Are you the original owner? Does it have all of its parts? Based on the answers you receive, arrange a time when you can inspect one or more fridges. During that inspection make note of the presence of any unpleasant odor and check the seal on the door. If you have taken a thermometer with you, and if the appliance is plugged in, you can check to see how cold it gets. If you intend to make changes, such a fixing it so the door opens on the other side, share that fact with the current owner. See if you can get the owner to lower the price a bit, in order to compensate for the added problem you will be buying. When you feel that you will be getting a fair deal, discuss with the seller, when you can move the appliance that you have chosen. Contact us:

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