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All household appliances and electronics are designed and built with a particular purpose in mind. For example, a fridge will keep the foods cool, a microwave will quickly heat the foods while a washing machine will just make the clothes clean and smelling good. However, curious and open-minded homeowners have discovered that various types of appliances can also be used for other purposes, not only the ones they are specifically built for. If you are interested in finding out what tricks your microwave can do or how you can also make use of your hair dryer then continue to read this article. You will be amazed by how many other uses the most common household appliances and electronics can actually have. 1. Use your microwave to dye fabrics. A microwave can release a huge amount of heat in a matter of seconds and thanks to this, the foods inside it will quickly get warm and ready to be eaten. Additionally, homeowners who also need to dye fabrics should take advantage of the enormous amount of heat released by the microwave. A plethora of types of fabrics can actually be dyed by simply placing them in the microwave. Even better, the dying process takes a few minutes and it is not dangerous whatsoever. 2. Use your hair dryer to start fires. In a similar fashion, the hair dryer can also release a lot of heat and it is mainly used to dry the hair after a shower. However, this appliance can also be used in order to heat up wood and even light up the fireplace. Therefore, homeowners who want to warm their houses as soon as possible and they have run out of lighters or matches can safely rely on their beloved hair dryers. 3. Use your freezer to make your denim jeans look as brand new. With the passing of time, denim jeans tend to lose their beautiful appearance because the colors start to fade away. In this case, the owners of the jeans have two options: they either buy other denim jeans or place the current ones in a sealable bag and then in the freezer for one week. This simple trick actually pays off because the coolness inside the freezer will destroy the bacteria on the denim jeans and it will also eliminate unpleasant odors. After a week, homeowners can even say that they have a brand new pair of denim jeans. 4. Use the food dehydrator to humidify a room. A food dehydrator can be extremely useful in a modern kitchen and it can prepare delicious macaroons in a short period of time. However, when it is not used for culinary applications, this amazing device can actually humidify a room with little to no effort. Homeowners who own such a device should just place a couple of water containers in the food dehydrator and let it do its job. Additionally, just to make things a little bit spicy, homeowners can also add a couple of aromatic plants in the food dehydrator, so that it releases pleasant smelling scents in the air. This smart trick is excellent for aromatherapy or just for improving indoor air quality. 5. Use your dishwasher to clean almost anything. The dishwasher is a marvelous washing device which can actually wash many other things, not only plates and dishes. This appliance is specially designed to be very gentle during the washing process, so that the items washed won’t be broken or damaged in any way possible. For example, homeowners can actually wash baseball caps, sports equipments, children toys, garden tools or anything that is very dirty and which smells awful. In most cases, the end results are beyond expectations and the dishwasher won’t be damaged or affected whatsoever. 6. Use your vacuum cleaner to unclog the toilet. Nothing can be more problematic and unappealing than a clogged toilet, especially when someone is expecting important guests. Also, in most cases, the plunger or the snake might simply not be very effective in solving this problem. Before calling the plumber, homeowners are advised to give the vacuum cleaner a chance in this case, especially if the vacuum cleaner has the wet/dry option. Basically, all the homeowners have to do is to place the end of the vacuum hose in the toilet and let this appliance do its job. Hopefully, it will remove any obstructions or clogs that are blocking the toilet and the problem can actually be solved in a few minutes, without paying a lot of money for plumbing services. As you can see, the appliances and electronics found in most households can be used with multiple purposes successfully, but only if they are in a great condition. If the fridge, microwave or washing machine is damaged, feel free to contact our company today and take advantage of our professional appliance repair services. Contact us:

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