Should I Rinse My Dishes Before I Put Them In The Dishwasher
The practice of rinsing dishes before they’re put in the dishwasher often gets passed down through generations. However, whether that’s really a necessity and changes the outcome of the dishes’ cleanliness, is up for debate.

The Influence of the Model

It’s pretty logical that you shouldn’t leave huge chunks of food stuck to your plate before you put in the dishwasher, but when it comes to smears of sauce or a few rice corns, most manufacturers will say rinsing that off may just be a waste of time and water. Regardless, you should still check the manual of your specific model to see if there’s a section in there addressing the matter.

What the Experts Say

Appliance repair companies in San Diego County have a different opinion. In their experience, rinsing is a preventative measure for future repairs and prolongs the lifespan since it keeps food particles and sauces from clogging the pump assembly, spray arms and drain lines. Because if that happens, bacteria can build up and dishes can come out still dirty. You’ll also need to consider that some foods, especially greasy ones will be more likely to clog up your dishwasher and pipes in general, so it may be wise to make some exceptions, even if you’re generally against the practice of rinsing.

The Role of Dishwasher Detergent

There is a debate going on regarding the chemicals in detergent and how they react with the leftover food on the dishes. Some think it is necessary to keep smears of food on the dishes so the detergent can react with it and work properly, while others say their rinsed dishes work perfectly well with the detergent. There simply is no easy answer. Some say food smears cause build up in the pump assembly which causes sludge and build-up that eventually dirties up the water which keeps your dishes from getting clean, while others say rinsing is just an additional waste of water. Either way, rinsing won’t harm your dishes and conducting your own little test at home may be the best way for you to figure out if your dishwasher prefers one way over the other. If you find that there are any issues with the dishwasher which you can handle and rectify, it is good but if seems to be beyond your scope of repair, don’t even try working on it. Call in the professionals so that they can evaluate the issue and repair it properly. Damage to the appliance due to DIY can turn out to be a costly preposition. Contact us:

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