Seven Simple Ways To Maintain Your Oven
Your oven is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen! From freshly made home cooked meals to baking whole cakes, the oven is responsible for the most wonderful of memories. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary repairs and extend its life, you’ll want to learn how to consistently maintain the appliance. Here are some of our best tips:


If you’re wondering how many times you’d have to clean out your oven for it to be running efficiently, the answer is AT LEAST twice a year. If you use your oven every day or so, then expect to have to clean it more often!


If you own a self-cleaning oven, this is definitely a safe feature to use- as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines! Make sure to do this at a time when you’re able to stay at home and remember to let your oven cool down for at least 6 hours before you get started on wiping it down.


This is a method that will seriously reduce your cleaning time in the long run! Create a spill barrier by placing a cookie sheet covered with tin foil under the oven racks. This way, any spillage won’t create a mess in your oven that’s hard to clean. Make sure the paper doesn’t cover any vents however.


Replacing your gas oven? It’s far safer to replace your gas line while you’re at it too! This is mainly because a change in oven involves a lot of movement and vibrations that could potentially cause leaks in the gas line- and this can lead to some pretty dangerous situations!


You might feel like you’re doing a more thorough job by removing the cooktop knobs and disinfecting the entire area. But this is actually quite hazardous since you’ll be soaking what is essentially an electrical system that could electrocute you. You also might end up dealing with many service problems in the future.


If cleaning the oven out by yourself, make sure to unplug it first and foremost because you will be using water in the process! Mix baking soda and water together and use this mixture to scrub the oven. You can this use a vinegar and water solution to cut through the grease after.


If you notice any damage, you can swap them out. Watch out for any part of the coil that may look redder than the rest when cooking because this is a sign the burner is about to short. This can significantly damage the oven in the process. These are some easy ways you can maintain and clean your oven. Notice any persistent problems? Call our team today and we’ll get sorted ASAP! Contact us:

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