Rock Solid Advice For Fixing A Poor Performing Freezer
A freezer should cause the foods that are placed in it to become rock solid items. If the things stored in your freezer feel squishy, you must try to discover what is causing the problem. There are several different issues that can keep a freezer from having a low enough temperature in the area where the food gets stored. This blog post sheds some light on each of those issues. It offers advice on how to deal with the development of any such issue. Follow that advice, and then you should feel confident that the freezer is freezing completely each item that it holds within its cold interior space. In other words, a bit of troubleshooting should ensure correction of a freezer’s most basic problems. Else you can always depend upon the appliance repair service in San Diego County to correct the issues.

How to correct for the obstruction of air flow

The owner of a relatively new freezer should not have to deal with this particular problem. As long as a freezer contains only a limited number of items, the cold air should have no trouble hitting that freezer’s contents. Of course, that basic fact seldom applies to any of the freezers that are 10 to 15 years old. Do you know how long you have been adding to the items in your freezer? If it has been a period of at least 10 years, you may need to correct for obstruction of air flow. It should not take you long to make that correction. Just rearrange the stored items or remove those that no longer seem worth keeping.

How to deal with frost buildup

If you have a freezer with an auto-defrost, you should not encounter this particular problem. If your freezer does not have an auto-defrost, then you must use your own energy, in order to be sure that the defrosting gets done properly. Make a point of removing frost from the vents and the coils, as well as from the walls of the freezer’s interior space.

How to deal with dusty coils

You cannot see the coils when the freezer stands against the wall. You must pull it away from that vertical surface. Once you can see the coils, you should use a vacuum to remove the accumulated dust.

How to test for damaged gaskets

If you have a dollar bill, you can test for the presence of a damaged gasket on the door of the freezer. Insert a portion of the bill in the in a crack in the door, and then close the door as tightly as possible. See if you can pull out the captured bill. If you can, then your freezer’s door does not seal completely each time that you close it. Consequently, you must arrange for the gasket to be replaced. Contact us:

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