By buying a cooktop made of glass ceramic, you can save a lot on electricity. In addition, the control system of such stoves is so precise that the temperature of burners is regulated very easily. There is a disadvantage of modern technology: induction hobs are made of heat-resistant glass, which can crack under the influence of various factors. Cracks in the glass – this is the most common cause of failure of the stove and the only solution is to replace the glass on the hob.  

Causes of defects

  The main reason for the appearance of damage on the glass of the cooking surface is the fall on it of heavy objects – a cast-iron frying pan or a massive cauldron.   It often happens that the surface withstands repeated impacts, and then cracks appear on it for no apparent reason. This happens because of the formation of micro-damage on the glass, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. And at one point the inevitable will happen, after which the glass-ceramic panel will not withstand and will break.   Another reason for the appearance of microscopic defects on the induction panel is the use of iron sponges and detergents with abrasive particles during cleaning. At first glance, scratches are unnoticeable, but sooner or later they will show themselves.   The damaged hob glass must be replaced.  

Cooktop replacement procedure

  Users faced with the problem of cracked glass cooktops, there are many questions that we are ready to answer:  

Where to go to replace your cooktop

  Have you seen cracks or other damage on your glass ceramic hob? Don’t know where to turn? You need help from specialists!   In every city, there are service centers that repair both large and small appliances. It can be both specialized points from manufacturers, such as “Bosh”, “Hansa”, or “MBS”, and universal, dealing with the repair of any appliances and working with a wide range of faults.   Before you ask for help from this or that company, make sure that it deals with the repair of appliances of the manufacturer and whether they have the ability to provide original spare parts.   A glass-ceramic hob surface cannot be purchased in a store. It can only be ordered from the manufacturer.  

How to replace glass

  Replacing a cracked surface is done in several steps:   Making an application for the repair of the hob. You can leave a request for a call from a specialist by phone. The dispatcher will announce the exact date and time of arrival.   Diagnostics. Before you begin to replace the glass, the master must conduct a visual inspection of the equipment and assess the degree of damage. Trust the expert in this matter, because it often happens that during the diagnosis are also found hidden damage.   Approval of the repair. After the inspection specialist voices to the client exactly what part of the panel is to be replaced, specifies a list of upcoming works, and voices their cost. The next stage of transition is possible only if you agree with the list of works and the announced price.   Repair works. If the cause of the malfunction is really in the cracked glass, the work to replace it will take 2-3 hours. At first glance, it may seem that everything is simple, in fact, the specialist will be painstaking work on the selection and replacement of spare parts using special tools. Without knowledge and skills in this area coping with the repair will not be easy.   Testing and handing over the work. The final stage of the repair is to test the performance of the induction surface and hand it over to the customer.   Remember that qualified service centers always provide a 1-2 year warranty on their work.    It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs to get your smooth cooktop looking new once again.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]