washing machine repair
Your appliances work probably as hard as you do. And as with people – with appliances, a little care goes a long way. It is true that when you are taking that extra step your appliances will require less fixing and serve you much longer trouble free.  After all, appliances are too much of an investment not to want to extend its lifespan. Appliance maintenance in Toronto When you are buying new appliances you want to choose the ones that are fit for the workload required of them. It is not all about their looks and shiny stainless steel appearance or trendy colors. When you are buying washers and dryers, think about the size and frequency of the laundry, and think through your laundry needs (how many members of family do you have? Do you have a king size bed? Do you prefer to do one big load or smaller ones more frequently?) Same goes for the fridge – if your current one is always over stuffed with food, go one size up, if it is empty go one size down. Loading washer and dryer over the capacity regularly will eventually will break the engine, running your fridge on empty might cause your compressor to overheat.

Appliance maintenance & care checklist:

  1. Rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher! Most of our washer repair calls are caused by the food parts that are stuck around impeller and water drain hoses that get clogged. Inspect and clean the filters on regular basis. Sanitize and deodorize the dishwasher with vinegar or special detergent. If you have started using the dishwasher – use it every day. If you need to go away for some time – sanitize it and leave the door open.
  2. Clean out the lint screen from the dryer on the regular basis. This simple habit can will not only save the engine, but might prevent the risk of fire. Once the lint build up makes it inside, any electric spark might start the fire. Unfortunately, the incidence of dryer fires is high enough to take it seriously. Call professional appliance service technician once in a a couple of years for professional cleaning.
  3. Wipe the washer after every time you use it and leave the door open (for front loading models) – if excess moisture is left it will promote the growth of mold and damage to the rubber seal.
  4. Clean the condenser coils at least twice a year to remove dust and grease. Do not keep your fridge too close to the wall to allow for the proper heat exchange. Clean and inspect gasket regularly – if it loses suction it has to be replaced.
  5. If your electric stove stove still uses knobs (and not electronic panel) when you clean them – do not spray cleaner or water directly on them – wet the cloth instead to allow for the excess of moisture to keep away from affecting the electric contacts.
These simple measures will help extend the life and efficiency of your appliances and will help make them serve you well. Regular cleaning and check ups will help prevent the small problems from growing into the big ones.

If you have discovered during regular maintenance that your appliance is malfunctioning or any damaged parts contact us to book our appliance repair technician’s visit anywhere in GTA.