Secrets of proper refrigerator transportation

If you are planning to move, the task is how to properly transport the refrigerator. Expert advice will help you approach transportation with knowledge of the matter.   The refrigerator is transported in a horizontal position. This is the only way to guarantee that the performance of the unit will not be impaired. Only a slight inclination of the equipment is allowed. The design of modern refrigerators involves the use of compressors with spring suspension. During horizontal (lateral) transportation, vibrations occur inside the compressor, which can cause the refrigerator to malfunction. So the answer to the sacramental question “how to transport a refrigerator lying down” is only one: no way.   There is a myth that after transferring the unit to an outlet before using it for the first time, you need to wait several hours. This belief is unfounded if the transportation was carried out at a positive temperature.   Such equipment is a valuable cargo, and therefore it is better if the loaders carry a refrigerator. They know the intricacies of moving units.   To move an irreplaceable kitchen assistant to a new place, proceed as follows:   – Remove the products that are on the shelves of the unit. – Unplug it. It is optimal to do this some time before transportation. This is especially true when there is ice. – It will not be superfluous to wash the device. This will save you from cleaning the unit in a new place. – Remove the shelves and pack for transportation. – Wrap the refrigerator with a cloth, a protective film – a material capable of preventing the formation of scratches. – Fasten the door securely to prevent it from opening. – Attach the refrigerator with belts or ropes so that it does not tip over during transportation.   You will find recommendations on how to unscrew the legs of the refrigerator in the instructions for a specific model.  

Is it necessary to install the refrigerator by level?

  NECESSARY. Correct installation of the unit will ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the unit. Level control is carried out using the regulation of the legs.

Subtleties of connecting the refrigerator

  In order for the unit to work long and cool, pleasing the owners, give preference to a high-quality one. And of course, don’t forget to install it correctly.   Considering the fact that energy prices are increasing every day, users are trying to save. A refrigerator is almost the only appliance that almost never turns off. Therefore, the energy consumption class of the refrigerator is reflected in the total amounts in electricity bills.  

How to determine the energy consumption class of a refrigerator?

  There is an international classification of machinery according to the quantity used by them for work. According to it, depending on energy consumption, the product is assigned class A – G. The closer the letter designation of the refrigerator model is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more economical it is. Manufacturers create economical equipment, constantly offering customers models of a higher class.   A favorite question of consumers is “which refrigerator breaks more often.” Equipment that is installed and operated incorrectly is the first to fail. So, if you bought a refrigerator when it’s cold outside, don’t rush to plug it in immediately after bringing it indoors. At least 6 hours should pass after transfer. During this time, the oil in the compressor will settle, taking its rightful place.   When installing the refrigerator, make sure there is free space. It is needed for air circulation. The fact is that when the working chamber is cooled, the compressors heat up. Overheating of parts reduces the operating life of the refrigerator. The normal temperature of the compressor will, in turn, ensure trouble-free operation of the device for a long time. Are you interested in how to cool the refrigerator compressor? an opening so that air flows can circulate freely, taking away excess heat.   Leave at least 2 inches of clearance between the compressor and the wall or furniture. Modern units have special supports. They interfere with pushing the refrigerator close to the wall.   Also, during installation, it is important to take into account the overall volume of the refrigerator.   Has your refrigerator started working incorrectly? It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. Appliance Repair San Diego is here to help with professional and expert appliance repair to get your refrigerator running like new again.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]