In many cases, problems can be avoided by using the refrigerator correctly. The advice to read the manual before using it seems trivial and obvious, but it is not always followed.   Here are a few more recommendations that will help to protect your refrigerator from possible breakdowns:   It is necessary to choose the right place for installation in the beginning and sometimes check the situation for compliance with the instructions, especially if the room has been rearranged furniture, new heating appliances, etc.   The refrigerator should not be placed where it is exposed to intense sunlight, even if it is not all year round, but only during certain months.   Always check the door gasket for tightness, cleanliness, and other conditions that might cause damage or deformation of the door.   You should not lean on the door or influence it in any other way to avoid breaking the integrity of the fasteners or damaging the gasket.   Do not store too much food in your refrigerator, as this may result in poor air exchange.   It is not recommended to place any heavy objects or appliances on top of the appliance.   The rules of defrosting are also described in detail in the manual. Even models with the “No Frost” system need this measure. Unless the manual specifies otherwise, defrosting should be performed at least once every six months. During the summer period, additional procedures may be necessary.   After all the ice has melted, thoroughly wipe all surfaces to make sure they are dry. It does not hurt to perform disinfection before this. For this purpose, the walls of the chamber and the door wipe with a soda or alcohol solution. Before leaving, you should also defrost the refrigerator and properly preserve it for the period of your absence.   The door of a disconnected appliance should be left open. Some people simply slip an object between the cabinet and the door to create a gap, but this is not the right strategy.   This can seriously damage the seal, which will then have to be completely replaced. To prevent unpleasant odors from appearing in your refrigerator, you can leave an odor absorber or an open container of baking soda inside.   Now is the time to call for professional appliance repair service in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help you get professional and knowledgeable appliance repairs that will keep your refrigerator running like new.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]