Quick Methods To Clean Dryer Vents
Many homes these days have a washer and dryer somewhere inside. While these appliances are extremely used, they are also one of the more dangerous appliance that you can own in your home. For the most part, the danger lies within the dryer vent. The lint can become backed up over time and that could lead to a fire that can be very dangerous. Here are some tips to help you maintain it.

Why Clean the Vents

It is not really the heating source that cause lead to a fire in a dryer, it’s the lint that gets caught inside the lint trap. If you have more than one person doing laundry in your household, you never know when the lint trap is cleaned. It’s a good idea to tell everyone that uses the dryer to clean the lint trap after every load. This will ensure that the buildup will not occur so quickly. You still need to clean up the vents once a week with a vacuum. The reason for that is because some lint can escape through the lint trap and get stuck somewhere else within the dryer vent.

Clean often

While it’s a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning out the dryer vent after every cycle is complete, there are also more things you can do to keep your dryer vent working as it should. If you notice any of these problems, you may want to go ahead and get the dryer vent cleaned out immediately, otherwise, schedule it once a week. Some indications that the dryer vent/duct needs cleaned includes: – The clothes are still wet/damp even after the drying cycle has ended. – The drying the clothes is lengthy taking more than thirty to forty minutes to complete – You notice a burned/musty smell, of dryer sheets coming from the dryer – The clothing that comes out of the dryer is extremely hot – The room that the dryer sits in seems unusually heated up. – You can see debris that is within the vent trap, the filter, or the screen – There is a lot of lint trapped within the screen

Who Can Clean Your Dryer Vents

If you really want to keep your dryer safe, you can hire a professional technician to come in and clean these vents. They are trained to do a professional job and eliminate any lint build up within your dryer without causing any damage to the venting system. This appliance repair professional in San Diego County will use a long flexible brush that will reach in and pull out any lint that may be lodged within the system. They will also vacuum the residue left within the system to make sure that it is completely open, before they leave. Contact us:

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