Quick Guide To Freezer Maintenance Tips
In order to get the most out of your appliances throughout your home, you need to take general care and maintenance of them throughout the year. This will not only save you money on repairs but it will keep you from purchasing another appliance to replace it. The freezer is an appliance that has a difficult job – maintaining the coldest temperature possible in order to preserve your more expensive foods. Here are some ways that you can keep your freezer working the best it can and prevent premature breaking down. Regular defrosting: The freezer needs to be thawed out; even the newer models that have auto defrost. In order to defrost, you simply need to unplug the freezer unit and allow it to warm up to run temperature. All the ice that has formed on the shelf and inside the unit will melt and go into the drip pan, which you will then need to empty. Make sure it’s level: You will want to make sure that the freezer is level at all times. If not, the door may not close right and this will cause the freezer to run all the time. Another issue that occurs when the freezer is not level is that the door or the freezer unit will warp over time and this will cause the freezer not to seal up right when the door is closed. To level the freezer, adjust the legs that are attached by either screwing them out or in until you can put your hand on the unit and it doesn’t move. You should also use a level to verify that it is level. Condenser coils: These coils are located in the freezing unit and look similar to the coils in the back of your refrigerator. Dust begins to settle into the coils almost immediately after being hooked up. Unfortunately the dust that gets into the coils can cause the freezer to work harder which in turn will mean that more electricity is being used in order to keep this freezer working as it should. Pull the freezer away from the wall and vacuum the dust out of the coils in order to improve the way that it runs. Pan and drain opening clean: It’s important that the drain pain stays empty at all times as well as the drain pan. If you notice that the water is draining somewhat sluggish, you will want to first unplug the unit and then find the drain opening to ensure that nothing is blocking it. Check the pan to ensure that the pan is free of any debris. Take this opportunity to empty the pan if there is water in it. Allowing the water to stand accompanied with the warm temperature of the motor will encourage mold growth. Check the seals: The seals around the door of the freezer are thick and wide because they have a big job to do. They are specifically designed to ensure that no air comes in or goes out when the door is shut. You can test the seal of the door by placing a bank note in the door as you close it. Once the door is shut, try to remove the note. If it doesn’t remove, the seal is great. If you can pull the note out, the seals are not working as they should and may need to be replaced as soon as possible. The longer you let your freezer run like this, the more electricity it will take. It is better to call in the appliance repair specialists in San Diego County. Contact us:

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