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Large appliance purchases can be challenging and sometimes intimidating. When shopping for a stove, for example, there are so many options available that it can be challenging to decide which one is the best for you. The best oven for you may not necessarily be the most expensive one. Careful thought and a little planning can guarantee that you’ll make the best stove purchase to meet your needs and your needs for the foreseeable future. Take an honest look at your cooking habits. This will play a huge part in determining what type of new oven you’ll get. You may be tempted to get one with lots of extras just because it looks great and you think you should get it. Reconsider your thought process if this is the only reason for buying a certain type of oven. If you don’t bake or cook, then such an expense isn’t worth it. A lower end, less costly model will do just fine for what you need it to do. Another thing to consider before you start shopping for a new oven is the house itself. The style of the house and the size of your kitchen will help determine the type of oven you will get. When you’ve figured out these first two points you can work on the details of the type of new oven to get for your home. There are plenty of options available so try to focus mostly on your needs and not get overwhelmed with the choices.

Choosing an Electric or Gas Oven

Professional cooks and those who cook a lot generally like to cook using a gas stove. Gas generally heats up faster and cooks more evenly, although there are now electric induction stoves that are comparable. Whether you choose gas or electric depends on your personal preferences and your home’s ability to accommodate a gas line. Keep in mind, there are fewer choices for gas stoves. There is also the option of ordering duel fuel options where the appliance will have a gas stove and an electric oven.

Freestanding Stove or Built-in

Whether you get a freestanding stove or a built-in will depend on what you’ve had in your home before. Unless you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel to accommodate a chance in tastes, you’ll have to work around what you had in your kitchen previously. If you had a built-in oven, that is one that is directly in the wall, then you’ll need to replace your oven with another built-in or end up having an empty between your kitchen cupboards. Many people like built ins because using them doesn’t require bending over. If you want a built in and didn’t have one before, you may need to do some renovations to the layout of your kitchen, specifically your kitchen cupboards.

Choosing Oven Size

The average size of a freestanding oven is 30 inches and a wall oven is generally 27 to 30 inches. This is the baking area of the interior of the oven. It’s possible to get small ovens too for tighter spaces. Larger ovens are also an option. The size of oven you choose will depend on how much baking and cooking you do and the number of people you bake or cook for. Your current collection of baking pans may also impact your decision on the size of the oven. Contact us:

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