Procedure To Use When Cleaning Your Dryers Vent scaled
For most homeowners the thought of cleaning the dryer’s vent stirs up visions of an arduous task. The tasks that ensure a thorough cleaning of that particular vent happened to belong on a list of such jobs. Homeowner’s secure the well-being of their family by taking steps to guarantee the vent’s freedom from obstructions. Any vents filled with large amounts of lint display the characteristics of a possible fire hazard. Any one of them could ignite and expose the residents in a home to flames and smoke. That is why it makes sense to call on an appliance repair expert in San Diego County. In addition, a clogged vent allows dangerous gases to collect inside of a home. The third threat introduced by such a clog relates to the financial well-being of the home’s occupants. A family has to spend money on wasted energy, if the homeowner does not heed the warnings about the importance of having clean vents.

Steps to be taken during cleaning of dryer’s vent

First, go outside and check the vent’s outlet on the exterior wall. Be sure that it does not contain some type of obstruction. Sometimes birds like to build a nest in such a location. Next unplug the appliance that connects to the venting equipment. Pull that appliance away from the wall. Loosen the clamp on the vent’s tubing. Using a snake brush or a vacuum cleaner, get rid of all the lint that has collected at the vent’s opening. Check the vent’s tubing, and see if it should be replaced. If it seems to be in good condition, re-place the tubing and tighten the clamp. Go out to the place where the vent opening allows entrance of outside air. Clean the lint from that area as well. Return to the dryer and push it back to its former position. Run the dryer, using the fluff setting.

How a homeowner can tell that it is time to clean the dryer’s vent:

– The homemaker notices that the clothes are not dry after one cycle. – The homemaker makes a 35 minute cycle 5 minutes longer, but even a 40 minute cycle fails to dry all the garments and linens in a single load. – The dryer emits one of three different odors: a musty odor, a burnt smell or the odor associated with dryer sheets. – The dried garments feel abnormally hot at the end of a cycle. – Debris has started to collect around the vent’s opening and around the lint filters. A homeowner can respond to those hints in one of two ways. One of it is to be prepared to undertake task of cleaning the venting system while the other way out is to get in touch with a professional that stands prepared to carry out the necessary cleaning operation. Contact us. (619) 719-5005   [email protected]