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Most homeowners will at some point in time require to get fridge repair services. Since fridges are very critical in the functioning of most homes, finding that it has a problem can be a huge concern. To ensure that the repair process is carried out effectively, it would be important to prepare for it adequately. This has the potential to make the contractor’s work easier, and will also ensure that you get back your fridge on time. Some of the ways to do this include: Empty the fridge Most of the time, working on the fridge will need to be done while it’s empty. Having the contractor show up and then having to empty and defrost the fridge will only serve to waste time. Once you make the appointment, you should then empty the fridge and unplug it from the main power supply. In addition to making it more suitable for the repair contractor to work on, this will also help in case they need to transfer it to their premises for more extensive repairs. A fridge that has been defrosted and which is empty will be easy to simply load up into a truck and move to the repair facility. It is therefore one of the best ways to save time. Of course, you might need to make other arrangements associated with this. For instance, you could get a cool box in which you will put the foodstuffs you have removed from the fridge. This will reduce the rate of spoilage compared to when you simply put all of them out in the open. If the fridge will be out of commission for a long time, you would need to get more definitive ideas on how to prevent spoilage such as by renting a fridge for the duration that yours will be under repair. Clear a path for the contractor Sometimes, it’s very clear that the fridge will need to be transported to the repair contractor’s premises for it to be properly worked on. Examples of this include when the fridge has a major problem, such as a failure of multiple elements within the system. When anticipating this, you should clear a path for the movement of the fridge out of the home. For instance, if there is a lot of furniture in the way, moving some of it will make the contractor’s work much easier. If you happen to have a carpet or wooden floor, you could also get protective PVC covers for the path they are likely to take to reduce the chances of damage to the floor. Get all your documents in order You might need to provide a set of documents for some types of repair. These include a warranty for when you need the fridge repaired under these terms. You should find this documentation in time, and then go through it to find out if it’s applicable for this particular case or not. Notify the security staff if need be When the fridge has to be taken out of a commercial facility or a guarded home, not notifying the security staff can complicate the process. The contractor may be barred from leaving with the fridge, and this means that the process of repairing it will be delayed. If you have such security measures in place, always inform the security staff of the activities that will take place. This is important if you will not be home to talk to them about it. Make sure there is someone to receive the staff if you will not be there If you will not be home by the time the contractors show up, you need to have someone there to receive them. Ideally, the individual should be an adult just in case they need to make decisions for you. For instance, some repair contractors may require that they sign a document before taking the fridge for repairs, which will not be possible if the individual agreeing to it is a minor. You should also make a point of giving them all the necessary instructions regarding the repair. For instance, if you happen to own more than one fridge, make sure that you clearly identify the one that has the problem, so that no confusion arises when the contractor comes to fix it. Take note of pets One thing that many homeowners tend to forget is dealing with their pets when strangers are coming into the home. Making sure that you restrain your pets is important especially if they are protective of the territory. This not only makes the repair contractors more at ease, but also helps prevent potential legal issues later. For instance, if the pet bites one of the contractors, you may be liable for their treatment costs and other damages they might decide to institute on you. Contact us:

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