On the shelves of stores, there is a wide range of household chemicals for laundry. These are powders, liquid gels, and capsules. To make the right choice, you should know the main characteristics and specific features of this or that product. This article will help you to wash your laundry with the most effective product, without spending too much money from the family budget.  

Laundry detergent

  Among the huge number of detergents, the most familiar is laundry detergent. Our mothers and grandmothers used it. That is why more than 90% of Russians choose it. Today the composition of powders is supplemented with fragrance, anti-sorbents, water softeners, bleach, enzymes, agents preventing scale formation, and alkaline additives.   Its indisputable advantages are:   – high efficiency in the removal of difficult and stale stains; – effectiveness when working at high temperatures (90 degrees), which is important in getting rid of dust mites; – affordable price.   Disadvantages:   – The presence in the composition of phosphates, which eliminate the hardness of water. On the one hand, they increase efficiency, on the other hand, they cause irreparable damage to the environment.   Reference! Since 1983, the use of phosphates in the manufacture of powders in most European countries is prohibited. Phosphate-free powders, which are as good as phosphate powders, have appeared on the market.   – When dispensing the powder, small particles get into the respiratory tract. This is detrimental to your health. – The solid fractions take a long time to dissolve during washing. It is not uncommon for them to get stuck in the folds of clothing. Requires a cycle of extra rinses to get rid of the undissolved particles. This wastes extra water and electricity.   Important! If the laundry is not rinsed properly, white streaks will appear on it and the chemicals will affect the skin. Prolonged exposure will result in allergies and a weakened immune system.   – Powders in soft pouches are difficult to seal tightly after opening. A chemical odor appears in the apartment. – It is more economical to buy packages of 4 to 12 kg, but they take up a lot of space in bathrooms. – Cardboard containers quickly absorb moisture, lumps form in the powder, and it is difficult to dose it correctly.  

Liquid laundry gels

  Gels have become commonplace in everyday life. They replace the powder and classic laundry soap. Popular among Russian consumers are liquid detergents narrowly focused (for delicate fabrics, wool, cashmere, dark-colored clothing, children’s and sportswear), but universal gels are used less often. In European countries, half of the homemakers prefer gel-type universal products.   The best qualities of gels are:   – convenient packaging, which is easy to store even in a small bathroom; – safety for the respiratory tract when opening the package and dosing the gel; – the product does not change its consistency during storage; – does not deform the clothes, acting gently on the fabric; – no white stains on clothes after washing; – The cap that closes the container acts as a dispenser, which allows you to save the product; – does not contain phosphates.   A number of significant disadvantages do not allow the gels to fully replace dry powder:   – high temperatures lead to the destruction of the structure of the product, which reduces the cleaning ability of gels; – soapy liquids do not cope well with difficult dirt (oily stains) and are completely ineffective when dealing with old stains.  


  A novelty that appeared on the shelves immediately attracted attention. Bright, pleasant-to-the-touch capsules are packaged in convenient boxes. You can buy a pack of 12 capsules to try it out. They are much more expensive than their dry and gel-type counterparts. However, discounts are often offered for the product, which gives customers of all incomes a chance to try it out.   The capsule is a bag filled with laundry gel, which dissolves in water at 86 degrees and the contents end up in the drum of the machine. Its composition also includes fragrance, stain removers, conditioners, bleach, and chemical compounds that improve the quality of washing. Pads are available for white and colored laundry. The capsule is 2-2.5 times stronger than the powder in terms of its effect on dirt.   Advantages of gel pads:   – convenient dosage (1 capsule = 1 wash); – does not require pre-soaking; – compactness; – The purchase of one product instead of several (if you buy a dry product, you need to spend money to buy the conditioner); – The ability to wash products from any type of fabric; – high-quality washing at low temperatures; – fast and high-quality rinsing.   Main disadvantages:   – cannot be used in hand washing; – does not divide into parts, so with frequent washing of a small amount of laundry, the use of tablet form is a significant blow to the budget; – laundry after use acquires a strong odor, which many people do not like; – Brightly colored pads attract the attention of children. A child can bite the capsule or crush it, which can lead to serious health problems; – The high price of the product.  

What is more profitable and better for effective laundry?

  After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of laundry detergents that exist today, we can conclude that a universal tool has not yet been created. Gels and capsules are not a marketing ploy, but the desire of manufacturers to facilitate the work of housewives and protect the natural environment from pollution. The best way is a combination.   The detergent should also be chosen according to the specific task. Dry mixes are needed for everyday items and for washing small amounts. Gels work well with delicate fabrics. Soft capsules remove stubborn stains.   Note! When choosing a product, pay attention to allergic people in the family. The use of powder, in this case, is inadmissible.   Do not forget to periodically rinse the container where you add the detergent. Otherwise, your washing machine will not work properly and then you need to think about professional help.    It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs.   Contact us   (619) 719-5005   [email protected]