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oven is an important part of your kitchen and one of the most useful appliances in the house. It fulfils our cooking needs and requirements and makes things quite simpler and less time consuming. However in some cases, it may become difficult to use the oven and one of such situations is when the oven time is not working.  If you too are facing this issue then you must first learn the reason behind this and then try fixing it. The following are some common causes of oven timer not working and the respective solutions.

1. Problem with the electronic control board

CAUSE: One of the most common reasons for oven timer not working is problem with the electronic control board. SOLUTION:
  •  In most such cases, the fault error code will appear on the small screen but if this doesn’t happen then you must check for power to the elements.
  • However if there is no power to the elements then in that case you must check for the control board in order to verify that there is power at the appropriate output relay.  I
  • f you find no output then you must get the electronic control board replaced.
  • The voltage checks done at the control board are live voltage checks and it is better that you contact a professional technician to do these checks for you.
  • Moreover for doing so, you may need appropriate meters or devices which professionals have but you may not.
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2. Test the terminal block

CAUSE: Another cause for oven timer not working could be the terminal block.
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  • To check it, first disconnect all the power to the oven and then find this part at the back of the appliance.
  • Find the terminal block wires and see if there is any damage.
  • Turn the fuse or breaker for a small period of time to see whether the terminal has any power.
  • If not, then it is possible that there is an issue with the wiring in your house.

3. Test for power

CAUSE: Sometimes if there is fault in the power, then the oven timer might not work. SOLUTION:
  • To check for power you must first disconnect all the power and wires from the oven.
  • Now find the fuse or the housebreaker and disconnect it from the plug.
  •   Pull the plug on the appliance and put the breaker back on.
  • Now test the outlet on the wall by connecting some other device or appliance in it to see if it is working.
  • If not, then the issue is with the power outlet and not your timer itself.
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4. Test the oven timer

CAUSE: It is important to test the oven timer as well as it may have gone faulty. SOLUTION: To do so, disconnect power and unscrew the back cover of the oven.  The timer clock’s back will be visible to you.  Take an ohmmeter set it to range RX1.  Now the next step is to touch a test lead to each of the terminals of the fuse. Find the clock motor leads and take them off the circuit.  Attach the test lead on each clock motor wire.  You will need to replace the clock if you find no continuity.
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