It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a mini oven or oven because only in them you can bake pies, and cook your favorite casseroles and other dishes. But if there is a need to buy new appliances, it is often difficult to determine which technique is proper for you. Deciding whether an oven or mini oven is better suited to your needs is not easy, is it? Some housewives need, for example, the grill present in mini ovens, others need a large tray for pies, and they never use a grill. Comparing a Mini Oven to an Oven Let’s compare the functionality and the main characteristics of the units on the main parameters that are important when a housewife chooses the right option for her kitchen. Criterion #1 – size and installation The mini oven works from a normal 220W outlet and has a small size. It is easy to transport, you can use such an oven in the country house or take it with you on a trip. Transporting and installing the mini-oven does not need any particular knowledge and skills, any housewife can cope with this task. Here the mini-oven, of course, wins. However, for a large family, this technique is unlikely to be suitable. It will not be possible to cook a big dish in one go, and it will not be possible to cook several dishes at the same time. Ovens are made in different sizes and configurations. With such equipment, you can cook several dishes simultaneously on different shelves or bake a lot of pies or cutlets on a large tray at once. Not all models are quite large, you can choose a floor version of a small size or a wall-mounted built-in oven that will be perfect for your kitchen. If the mini oven can connect itself, then to connect an electric oven will need a power outlet. And it is forbidden to connect gas ovens yourself – you need to invite a representative of the gas service. We recommend reading the rules for the installation of a gas oven. Criterion #2 – the functions of the technique The functions of a tabletop mini oven: – oven; – toaster; – grill; – timer; – the ability to maintain a certain temperature; defrosting. You can use almost any cookware for cooking. For the convenience of the user, there is the possibility of programming and selecting the cooking mode. Functions of the gas oven: – automatic shut-off function; – Programming of different cooking modes; – self-cleaning; – grill (not all models); – Convection, steam cooker function may be available as an option. Electric oven functions: – oven; – grill; – toaster; – a function of programming and selection of cooking modes; – timer; – Steam cooking and sterilization function; – warming; – self-cleaning function; – fan; – convection. Some models have special compartments for making pancakes. Criterion #3 – heating speed and energy consumption Mini oven runs on electricity, which means that the equipment can be used anywhere: in the countryside, the countryside, or on vacation. It heats up very quickly, helped by the small size and the fact that the heating takes place with several heating elements (usually 2). If necessary, you can set a certain temperature mode. Table mini oven consumes 30% less energy than a full oven. This is due to the small size of the unit. The stove is more oversized and heats up much slower. Equipped, as a rule, with 4 heating elements, means that the energy costs for cooking increase many times over. In addition, multifunctional ovens also often have a fan, which allows you to evenly redistribute the heat. The fan is necessary for drying homemade marshmallows, marshmallows, and breadcrumbs. So here, too, the modern oven wins. Gas ovens run on natural gas, which is much cheaper than electricity, and gas oven uses are, of course, more profitable in all respects. But they are usually equipped with one, in rare cases two burners, and this is inconvenient.   Criterion #4 – Ease of use and maintenance Mini ovens are extremely easy to use and can be easily moved to another location. It is easy to clean with a normal detergent or microwave wipes. It has a non-stick coating inside. Many models of electric ovens have a self-cleaning feature. Some are cleaned while cooking, while others require you to start the cleaning process yourself, and once the cleaning process is complete, the surface must be wiped down with a damp sponge or cloth. There are several methods of cleaning ovens: – Traditional. – Hydrolysis. – Pyrolytic. – Catalytic. Traditional cleaning is done manually with a sponge and detergent. This method of cleaning is quite inconvenient for most housewives, as cleaning the oven takes a lot of effort and time. Such an oven costs less, but modern models still have self-cleaning features. Hydrolysis cleaning is performed at a temperature of 40-50 ° C. It is necessary to put a container with water, which will evaporate during the cleaning process. After completing this self-cleaning, the chamber should be wiped down with a damp cloth or rag. Pyrolytic cleaning is performed by burning off dirt and food residues. The process occurs at a temperature of 430-500 ° C. This is the most effective method but requires a lot of energy. For hostesses, of course, this method is the most convenient – the oven does not need to wash and there is no need to run an additional cleaning program. However, it is necessary to have a separate power outlet to connect the oven. With catalytic cleaning, a special enamel is used, which contains a catalyst. When heated, it oxidizes grease on the walls of the oven. Cleaning is done during the cooking process, it is not necessary to clean something specially. However, this also has its disadvantages – catalytic panels are short-lived and they often have to be replaced, which is costly. Criterion #5 – safety and durability Modern ovens are made with triple armored glass and lock the door opening, which makes them safer. They can be used safely even in a family with small children. Glass is virtually impossible to break, while cooking glass is not heated to high temperatures. Mini ovens are also quite safe, the front glass in them is not heated to high temperatures. What’s better to choose an oven or a mini oven is up to you. If you need appliance repair, you can always call San Diego Appliance Repair Service. San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with expert and knowledgeable appliance repair. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]