Maintenance Tips For Your Kenmore Dishwasher
Did your Kenmore dishwasher just break down? If it did, don’t stress out; Kenmore is one of the dishwasher brands that San Diego Appliance Repair Company most commonly repairs. If you need a dishwasher repair, give San Diego Appliance Repair Company a call or book an appointment online and get same day service from licensed technicians, at an affordable price plus service warranty. Are you facing any of these problems with your washer?
  • Dishwasher won’t turn on
  • Won’t drain or fill with water
  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • Water doesn’t heat up enough
  • Stops in the middle of the cycle
  • Doesn’t clean dishes
  • Makes weird sounds while on


Read These Simple Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Kenmore Dishwasher

Regular maintenance on your dishwasher is not only to make sure it works properly, it also ensures that your washer will have a longer life-span Saving you from having to call a repair service multiple times for a variety of issues. San Diego Appliance Repair Company Kenmore dishwasher repair Here are some easy maintenance tips and tricks that will keep your dishwasher working optimally. Clean the interior: Every once in awhile, take a cloth, warm water and household cleaning soap and wipe down the interior of your Kenmore dishwasher to remove built on grime or residue left between cycles. Make sure to focus on the area between the bottom and the door as this is where left over food debris most often collects and mold can grow. You can also run an empty cycle using just vinegar or baking soda to help clean the inside. This will also take care of any strange smells from food particles that were left in the dishwasher. Don’t overcrowd: As tempting as it is to overload your dishwasher to avoid hand washing dishes, this makes it difficult for water to reach all the dishes, so you aren’t guaranteed that everything will come out clean. Which means you will have to run another cycle, wasting water, energy, time and money. It also makes the load heavier for the racks, which can damage or break them if this is done too often. Rinse first: Rinsing is an easy way to make sure your dishes come out cleaner, it also lessens the chances of leftover food debris that could be collecting in your dishwasher and growing mold. By rinsing first, you create less work for your Kenmore dishwasher, so it will work better for longer. Run hot water prior to cycle: A few minutes before you start a cycle, turn on the sink faucet and run hot water. This way, when you do turn the dishwasher on, the water filling up inside will already be hot, taking less time to heat up, resulting in less work for the dishwasher. This is a good way to save on energy! Does your Kenmore dishwasher need a quick repair? Call San Diego Appliance Repair Company today at 1-(619)-719-5005 and get fast and reliable repair service! Contact us:

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