Generally speaking, gas ovens as well as gas ranges are a lot more proffered in comparison to electric ones. The gas ovens offer more cooking control over the regular heating temperatures. If you are the owner of Hotpoint oven which doesn’t have an electronic ignition, you should be well aware of how to light the pilot light. The manufacturer company tells that this needs to be lit before you can actually light the oven pilot light. Here are a couple of things that you might want to take into consideration.

Surface Burner

Make sure to turn off all of the controls for the burner. Lift up the cook top of the oven and light both pilots with a match. They are usually located right in the center of your range, between the set of burners.

Oven Pilot

This is a bit more tricky but it’s far from being overly complicated. Remove the oven door in order to reach the stop point. Grab each of the sides of the door and lift it straight up, this will enable you to remove it. Remove the shelves after that. Remove the inside of the bottom as well. First, you will have to unscrew the nuts which are located towards the rear end of the bottom of the oven. Grab the bottom – there are finger slots located on each of the sides and lift it up. You can slide it out of the unit easily. Now, on the back of the bottom, you will find the pilot light attached to the the burner. In order to light it, push in and hold the control knob. Once you manage to get it lit, keep holding the knob for at least another minute. Oncet his is through, you should reassemble the entire oven and make sure that the pilot light is working as intended. Once you’ve managed to assemble it, turn the oven control to about 260 degrees. This is when the oven burner should actually ignite and burn until you manage to reach the desired temperature. That’s basically it – all you have to do in order to ensure that your pilot light is lit. However, it is important that you do things with great care, especially when you are working with electric or gas appliances. This is going to ensure the overall safety. If you feel like it’s not something that you can do, make sure to call the professionals. Or, if you feel like there is something more and there are other issues to the oven that you can’t identify, you can always rely on our company! Contact us:

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