LG washing machines are deservedly read as one of the most reliable on the market. First, buyers are attracted by the many years of operation, convenient operation, and wide range of functions. Besides standard and special washing modes, different models of LG washing machines have such options, as washing with steam, the possibility to load two types of laundry simultaneously, management with the help of Alice voice assistant, integration into the system “smart home” LG ThinQ, etc.   In the vast majority of cases, with proper maintenance, LG washing machines serve their owners for many years, while maintaining a high quality of washing. In this case, if there is even the slightest problem that may affect the quality of work, the LG washing machine will warn the owner by a special letter code. It will appear on the information display. It is very convenient because knowing what this or that error code means in the LG washing machine, you can either quickly eliminate the malfunction yourself, or promptly call a master from the LG Service Center.    To find out what this or that error code of LG washing machine means, get acquainted with the information in the User Manual, which comes in the set. Or, if there is no such possibility, the error codes of washing machines can be viewed on the official website of LG in the section “Frequently Asked Questions”.   One of the most common errors faced by owners is the UE error. Let’s break down in more detail what it means and how to fix it.    Depending on the model of the washing machine and the year of manufacture, the following designations may appear:    As two capital letters UE, as lowercase and uppercase letters: uE. These are the designations of different errors.    A uE error means that there is a problem with the balance of the drum of your washing machine. It is most often caused by the uneven distribution of the laundry. Since all LG developments are based on high-tech solutions, the washing machine will correct this problem by itself, gradually filling and emptying the water.    It is worth paying attention if after a while the error code changes to two uppercase letters UE. In this case, your intervention is necessary.    In case you have a washing machine model without a display, the following indicators will signal the error UE:   All spin mode indicators. All indicators from the first to the sixth.  Most often the UE error occurs after the end of the rinse stage. The washer drains the water, but the spin mode does not start.    To the appearance of error, UE can lead both to minor problems and severe malfunction. The first thing you should pay attention to is whether your LG washing machine often this error occurs. If at every wash, then it is worth asking for qualified help from the Service Center, and if rarely, you can try to fix the problem with your own hands.    Here’s what you can do to fix the UE error in the LG washing machine   Why has the UE error appeared on the washing machine?   The appearance of the error code on the LG washing machine can lead to the following:    Excessive or, on the contrary, insufficient loading of the washing machine drum. In both of these cases, when the error UE occurs, you can not activate the spin mode, as it is a standard machine reaction for non-compliance with operating conditions.  If the volume of laundry does not exceed the recommended for your model of LG washing machine, you can try to open the lid of the washer, evenly distribute the laundry by hand on the drum, and then manually start the spin mode.  Another possible reason is that your washing machine is not level. If you have moved it or just installed it, you should check whether the washing machine is level.  It is also possible that the control unit (electronic controller) is malfunctioning. Disconnect the machine from the mains for a short time (approx. 15 min.) and switch it on again.  Also, the cause of error UE, as written above, can be a serious breakdown, requiring repair by a master. Here’s what it could be:   Failure of the control module (aka programmer or electronic controller). This part will need to be replaced.  With prolonged use, the bearing may begin to deteriorate due to wear and tear. In this case, the error UE appearing on the display is accompanied by the appearance of oil stains on the floor near the machine and a loud sound of operation.  Wear the drive belt (also with a long period of operation).    In these cases, do not try to fix the breakdown on your own. Contact an appliance repair service in San Diego County. We work 24/7 and are always here to help you quickly. Call or book now   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]