The South Korean company equips its appliances with innovative developments and technologies. LG dishwashers with a wide range of functionality are no exception. The advanced models are able to clean dishes with steam, perform self-diagnosis, and UV sterilization and work almost silently. Despite their many competitive advantages, the units have not been able to win the top position. However, if you are looking for a high-tech dishwasher, it is worth looking at LG appliances. Peculiarities of choosing LG brand dishwashers The brand’s products are dominated by mobile communications, electronics, and large appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. The range within each category is quite wide. LG dishwashers are not particularly popular among users. The main reason is the limited supply. If you still have the desire to buy a kitchen helper from this brand, then we suggest getting to know more about the features of LG brand appliances and the main factors influencing the choice of a particular model. Characteristic features of the manufacturer’s units LG dishwashers are manufactured in factories in South Korea, China, Turkey, Poland, the USA, and Vietnam. The country of assembly largely determines the quality. It is believed that the most reliable appliances are produced in Korea, America, and Poland. Characteristic features of LG dishwashers: Functionality. In addition to the five to six standard washing programs, the units have special modes. The choice of the cycle depends on the soiling of kitchen utensils, the filling of the hopper, and the type of dishes. Technological. The dishwashers feature energy-saving technology. Some units are equipped with an inverter motor, later models support the function of the steam treatment. Capacity. With standard dimensions, LG dishwashers 60 cm wide can wash up to 15 sets in one cycle. Good capacity is explained by the well-thought-out, practical design of the washing chamber. Ergonomics of the hopper. For comfortable use, there are sliding compartments, removable boxes for cutlery, shelves, and holders for glasses. Along with the well-stated characteristics, the units have a relatively affordable cost Dishwasher Range As noted earlier, LG cannot boast of a variety of product positions. According to the method of installation, all offers can be divided into two categories: – freestanding units; – Fully integrated dishwashers. The “solo” units. The machines are designed for installation outside the kitchen set Integrated models. Built-in appliances are installed into the kitchen unit and are completely hidden behind the decorative facade. The control panel is placed on the end of the dishwasher door. This solution is optimal when setting up a new kitchen, or if there is a free niche in the already installed set. The dishwasher does not stand out against the general background and does not change the interior of the room. If we talk about the series of units, a separate group can be divided into steam appliances with TrueSteam technology. All LG dishwashers are floor-standing, and compact table-top models that are very few in the company’s arsenal. According to the color scheme, silver and white appliances are in priority. Your dishwasher doesn’t work correctly? Now is the time to call for professional appliance repair service in the San Diego . San Diego Appliance Repair is here to help you get professional and knowledgeable appliance repair so your dishwasher is working like new again. Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]