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Now, clothes dryer vent-caused fires are without a doubt a considerable threat to the safety of any home. Proper inspection as well as regular maintenance could potentially be life-saving in this particular regard. As stated in certain recent news reports, more than 15,000 fires take place every single year caused by clothes dryers. The most common cause for these fires is debris as well as lint that build up in the dryer vent as time goes. This is the main reason for which regular maintenance is absolutely critical. The lint which hasn’t been exhausted from your dryer can easily back up into it and create a significant fire hazard. Keep in mind that the temperature within the machine is significantly substantial. With this in mind, here are a few helpful tips that you can take advantage of in order to prevent this potential menace and to ensure that everything is handled properly.

Ensure you have the proper ducting as recommended by the manufacturer

Now, when you have to make any kind of decision, you need to ensure that you’ve researched the specific requirements for your appliance – this is something very important. If you are moving into a rented home or a new apartment, make sure that you get an expert to actually inspect and to check the dryer. He needs to make sure that it has been thoroughly and properly installed prior to being used.

Clean the lint filter before you run a load of clothes

This is another very considerable thing that you have to take into account and you don’t need an expert for it. A lot of people tend to prefer cleaning out the filter when they have completed a few different drying cycles, but experts advise against it as this could potentially trigger a fire. It is important to clean it frequently.

Make sure that you clean the dryer cabinet and the duct regularly

This is something which should be handled by an appliance repair professional. This time might be a year or it might be 6 months depending on how much you use your dryer. This is an important thing that you have to take into account. In any case, you should seriously consider hiring a professional to get the appliance inspected and checked on a regular basis unless you want to fall victim for the horrific home fires which might take place. This is something that should be taken into very serious consideration because the threat is real as it is reported. It’s always better to rely on professionals when it comes to it because you can at least rest assured that everything is handled perfectly. With plenty of companies in your city vying for your business, it is best to shop and compare experience, license and services before you hire a technician to repair your dryer. Contact us:

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