This question users ask quite often, especially after hearing about the cost of repair. The price is really high, but this is exactly the case when you should not save money and it is better to resort to the help of a specialist to avoid additional costs. Which will arise due to inexperience.   To begin with, it is recommended to get acquainted with the reasons why the glass of the hob can crack:   – a sharp knife or a heavy object falls on the surface – all the burners are working at the same time and at maximum power – the stove is running too long – cold water has been spilled on a hot burner (small splashes are harmless)   Manufacturers strongly recommend not to use the equipment until it is fully repaired. Do not forget about safety!   For more detail about the causes of defects, you can read our previous article.   Attempting to repair the hob itself can be difficult for several reasons:   Finding the branded glass that is right for your cooktop without going to the appliance manufacturer is impossible. Ordinary heat-resistant glass for the cooktop will not work because it is not designed for the spot temperature distribution that characterizes an induction hob. During operation, tempered glass can not only crack but also break into many pieces. Only the original glass ceramic surface is acceptable for the hob. Sometimes you can find suitably used glass on classifieds websites. Its use is much cheaper and less dangerous, but, where is the guarantee that it will not crack soon, as well as the previous one? Hobs sold for parts are likely to have already been subjected to many different stresses and have micro-damage, which will soon lead to the replacement of the glass again.   Replacing a glass ceramic surface requires special skills, abilities, and tools. Without special training, qualifications, and experience, it is possible to break parts of the panel when disassembling it, despite the fact that the list of work may seem simple. In addition to the fact that you can break a part of the panel, you can also cause damage to yourself. Therefore, if you have never had experience with repairing the hob, this is not the best time to start. Also, you may not have the right tools at home for repair, and it is also an additional expense.   If damage to the glass induction hob, it is best to apply to an experienced and reliable service center. Only the professionalism of the master will ensure the highest quality of work and the shortest possible time for their implementation.   Advantages of qualified hob repair:   The possibility of a remote call for a master, prompt response, and conduct of diagnostics and repair at a convenient time for you.   Rich experience of masters, availability of special tools, equipment, and work skills.   Provision of only original, branded spare parts and components directly from the manufacturer.   The long warranty period for spare parts and work performed. In the event of breakage of a spare part installed by a technician, it will be replaced free of charge during the entire warranty period.   It’s time to call for professional appliance repair in San Diego County.  Our technicians are available 24/7 and are always happy to help. When you need emergency repairs, the professionals with San Diego Appliance Repair Service will be there within 15 minutes. They will diagnose the problem and fix it in the shortest time possible, and the quality of their work will be top-notch.   San Diego Appliance Repair Service is here to help with professional and experienced appliance repairs to get your smooth cooktop looking new once again.   Contact us (619) 719-5005 [email protected]