Improve the efficiency of your refrigerator
Just because your refrigerator is constantly working, this does not mean that you should get sky-high electric bills. All appliances can be efficient, provided they are used properly and certain guidelines are followed. Here are a few handy fridge maintenance tips to keep your fridge running without compromising its effectiveness.

Keep your appliances separate

As convenient as it might seem, you shouldn’t put your fridge close to your stove or oven. Your fridge will produce cool temperatures inside but the external parts will get warmer. If you place your stove close to your fridge, your fridge will be forced to work even harder to lower temperatures inside and this will push your electric bill up. Most home disign experts agree in the triangle setup – your fridge, sink, and stove should be equally spaced apart to form a triangle in your kitchen. This is good for your appliances as well as the flow in the room.

Avoid grazing

Grazing is bad for your waistline and your fridge as well. Every time you open the door, you allow heat into your fridge . The more often you open your fridge, the warmer it becomes, making the motor run more as a result. If you keep the door shut, the temperature is better maintained and you will avoid costly fridge repairs in the long-run.

Check the gaskets

When cleaning your kitchen, try to cleaning the gaskets in your fridge as well. Dirt and damage can make the gaskets less effective at holding that perfect seal. It might seem insignificant but, if the seal is not perfect, cold air will escape and this will cause frequent cycling. You can test the seal on your fridge using a one-dollar bill or another bank note. Shut the door on the note and then try to remove it without opening the door. If the note can be removed without opening the door, you should inspect the gaskets for damage.

Keep hot food out

You might want to keep your freshly made lunch or dinner in the fridge, but you should never put hot food in it. It will warm up the fridge and this will cause the motor to turn on. Your fridge will work harder to get the temperature down and, in the meantime, the rest of your food will also be exposed to increased temperatures. For just one or two dishes, you are putting the rest of your food at risk of spoiling while making your fridge work extra hard.

Clean the condenser coils

Your fridge releases heat through the condenser coils found at the back of the appliance. Since they are not covered or protected in any way, they are bound to gather dust. The more dust builds up, the less effective they will become at releasing heat. As part of your fridge maintenance routine, clean the condenser coils every couple of months to keep it as efficient as possible.

Don’t set too cold

Setting your fridge to the coolest temperature is not good. If you are planning on hosting a party and you need to chill food or drinks fast, then you can lower the temperature for a couple of hours. However, this is only for temporary use and should not be the regular setting on your fridge. Your food doesn’t need to be ice cold in order to stay fresh. Choose a moderate temperature and follow the instruction guid.

Keep food convered

Apart from sanitary reasons, covering your food is a good idea if you want to reduce the level of humidity inside your fridge. If there is too much humidity in your fridge, it will work harder to get rid of excess moisture. Again, this makes your fridge less efficient than it should be.

Inspection and maintenance

For proper fridge maintenance, don’t forget to check your fridge regularly for any signs of significant damage. If you notice strange noises, leaks, or even if your fridge seems to run constantly, call a technician right away. A faulty thermostat or motor can cause your fridge to run non-stop and this will result in a higher electricity bill. When you need fast, expert refrigerator maintenance and repairs, call San Diego Appliance Repair Company at (619) 719-5005. Our professional team of technicians offers same day service and we always arrive prepared to diagnose and fix the problem on the spot. With repairs backed by our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your refrigerator is in the very best hands! Contact us:

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